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A Real Estate Company That’s Different

Let’s be honest the Atlanta commercial real estate industry is boring. The Office Advisors are setting out to change that. At our company, we do things a little differently. This goes for all aspects of our commercial brokerage services. From the way we hire to the way we market. You can trust that The Office Advisors is changing how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. We are also the highest-rated and most reviewed brokerage. Metro Atlanta has many different real estate firms to choose from. However, no one is changing the game like The Office Advisors. Visit our website today to learn more. While you are there check out our services and see what we can help you with today.


Now you may have heard that industrial real estate is on the rise. This would be a fact. Many different Atlanta commercial real estate companies are positioning themselves as experts. However, this is not the case. When working with at The Office Advisors you can trust that our brokers have in-depth market knowledge. Constantly driving and looking at data. the Brokers here know what’s going on. With many industry contacts, we even have access to unadvertised spaces. Working with a broker from The Office Advisors we will find you the right space for your company.


Finding Industrial Space to Rent

 Furthermore when this scouting a new location is important to keep in mind a few things. One of those things being that there might be competing companies for the same space. With a strong industrial Market. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate as many Industries moving in. A lot of these new companies and industries are requiring large warehouse space. They also need offices to operate. With a strong appetite and flood of space coming to the market Atlanta is poised to succeed. 


 Weber finding the perfect space for you may be difficult. This is because there are lots of contenders on the market. With landlord seeing if the demand increases they’re changing their tactics. With spaces that were typically flat on asking rents. They have now increased they are asking about. Rates are continually Rising for the Atlanta commercial real estate market. However, when you work with The Office Advisors we will negotiate shrewdly on your behalf to get you the best deal. Rest assured that we have your back. Unlike other commercial real estate companies, The Office Advisors is not out for the commission check. Of course, that’s how we get paid. You will understand when working with us that we are both customer service first.


What SubMarkets Are Popular


Now there is a lot of new industrial space is being built as well. Additionally untouched submarkets are now under construction. A lot of these are along the major arteries running throughout our state. Anything close to Atlanta is going to have a higher asking about. No new pockets of industrial spaces are popping up that were not typically on the radar. When working with a broker from The Office Advisors we will take you to all locations.  Sitting down with a broker to assess your needs is vital to success. We have to drill down and understand what it is you’re really trying to accomplish.


Tacitly understanding that you might want to be slightly outside the city is a good move. New sub-markets such as Hiram Georgia or exploding. With the increased demand for industrial space. This is creating a boom in residential needs as well. Rising demand for housing and an influx of new residents creating thriving economies. We urge you to go visit one of these locations. Once dead rural towns are now being revitalized. Commercial construction is on the rise. 


Why is Industrial Needed?

Now, you might be asking yourself why such a big room in the industrial industry? During the year 2020, there was a massive rise in e-commerce. With individuals who were traditionally not using online services for delivery. Increasing the need for a vast network of distribution centers arose. All of these boxes needed to be stored somewhere. shipping these to rural areas has caused some creative moves.


 Atlanta commercial real estate market has seen Once Dead malls being revived as industrial space. These distribution centers are being utilized by Amazon and other companies. The industrial leases have increased throughout the entire shut down / pandemic. 


Advertising Creatively

 However, finding the spaces need some creative thinking. When working with the offset Bizer’s you can just be sure that we are creative. Not only in the way we locate industrial space for lease, but the way we marketed as well. Always looking at new ways to get your product in front of potential clients. The Office Advisors is the most creative and technologically-advanced in marketing. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is traditionally boring when it comes to the marketing strategies.


 Now when you work with The Office Advisors your property will be advertised appropriately. As well as the most creative ways we can think of. The old way of getting your product in front of someone is still done. However, we are using technology as a means of marketing. We don’t just throw it up on the website and hope another broker buys it. Actively marketing your properties online is what we do as well. To learn more just visit our website or contact one of our Brokers today.


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We can answer any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate questions. As well as service any of your real estate needs. We make it easy to reach us. Just go to our website and fill out the form on the main page. Or you can go to the contact us page and use that one. Call today for a free consultation. Remember, there is no obligation to work with us. 404-594-3028


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