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The number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage than you found the right one. So you might have to begin your search for how to lease a building. Are many different types of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages. So when trying to find the best agent for you make sure that you call The Office Advisors first. tel: 404-594-3028


Now when searching the world wide web for how do you lease an Atlanta commercial real estate property you might have been frustrated. There are many different websites to check out leases. Some of them are and co-star. Com. However you might have been extremely dismayed when trying to search. This is because there’s a pay wall that is hiding the majority of the listings. At The Office Advisors you will be able to see all of these properties. This is because we pay for these industry Services as well as our vast network of other brokers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


Breaking Down How to Rent


 So if you’re wondering on how to lease a building then you have to understand the steps first. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is fraught with opportunities, but also landmines. Understanding the steps can put you at an advantage when dealing with a landlord.


Starting Point


 Firstly you have to locate a space. However understanding that the Atlanta commercial real estate market has a vast array of prices and products. You have to understand that you were building or space might be outgrown. We know that it is the goal of every business to expand at some point. So you have to think about the future when looking at your current Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease.


 We always suggest with our clients that when negotiating in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease you think about your expansion. This is because there are many different ways to negotiate and understand your rights. A building owner can give me the first right of refusal. First right of refusal is when a space becomes available or is about to be on the market that you can be the first one to lease it. Diving opportunities in the same building for expansion can save a business a lot of money in the long run. Moving is always expensive and time-consuming. Let The Office Advisors take this burdensome task off your shoulders.


Someone on Your side


Having representation when going through any type of Atlanta commercial real estate transaction is key. We even suggest that you have a broker on your side if you do not choose to work with us. There are many different pitfalls to avoid when trying to lose any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. Having an industry professional watch out for your interest only greatly increases your chances of success.


 Furthermore working with The Office Advisors will allow you to work on your business. We for you up so you can do the most important job. The first thing we do is sit down and go through an assessment. We want to make sure we understand your business and your needs so we can properly assist you. Then we put together a strategy on how to go about finding the perfect Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset for you. Power Brokers will take the time to assess and understand all of your needs before he’s showing you property. This is so we’re not wasting anyone’s time.


A Plan


 Once we understand and put together a strategy for you then we will compile a site list. Our brothers will never try to overwhelm you with hundreds of listings at once. We will personally hand select properties for you. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is widely accessible. After you have chosen a few of the listings we will then confirm the accuracy. A listing is only as good as the broker who is uploading it. Many times we see that the information is incorrect. So we will then set up tours with the brokers.


 Moreover, the tours will be officially run as possible. Atlanta commercial real estate market is easy to get to unless there’s a lot of traffic. So we tried to set up all of our viewings in the most efficient manner. 


Letter Of Intent


Thirdly once we have located and decided on a few properties we send out a letter of intent. These LOL eyes are typically sent to multiple buildings. This is because we want to create competition for you. Having landlords buy for your Leasing puts you in a better spot. Once terms are agreed in the location is set in the leases are sent out


Now once the drafts of the lease or written we didn’t send them to the attorneys. However many of our clients may not have an attorney. We always suggest having a real estate attorney look at the legal documents. Once you sign the lease you become legally liable for all the terms negotiated in there.


 Lastly after a lease is signed and build-out is complete then it’s moving day. You’re ready for open for business or your new Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease. So whenever you are beginning your search make sure you start with The Office Advisors.


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 now if you were still not certain about The Office Advisors helping you find your next Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease then visit our website at fill out one of our contact forms on the main page or the contact us tab. From there one of our Brokers will reach out to you in the most timely manner. Or you can always call at 404-594-3028.




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