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Picking the right Representative 

You are trying to find Atlanta commercial real estate for lease then you come to the right place. Many of us at some point need to find commercial Office Space. Choosing the right broker to help you find this is key. You want to make sure that this individual lines up with your needs. As well as your pocketbook. The Office Advisors are the number one choice and all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Visit our website to find out more.


 Now you might be saying to yourself that all Brokers are the same? This is not true. Depending on if you’re working for a large firm, or a boutique company. The service can vary widely. This is a people industry. So when you are dealing with a mini different types of personalities you’re going to get different types of service. However when you work with The Office Advisors you will get the number one service in Atlanta. We are Atlanta’s number one service provider in all things commercial real estate. You will not go wrong with choosing to work with us. 


Where Most begin their Quest


If you were like most people you probably began looking on the world wide web. You probably went to Google and used the search bar. We understand this is how most people start their search. That is why you can easily find us on our Google Business listing page. All you have to do is type in The Office Advisors. You can also search Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Our rankings are better than everyone else is in the industry.


However when most people begin their search on the internet they land on a few websites. These websites are generally the same. and These are industry websites. Loopnet is more friendly to the general public. Furthermore the public can post their own Atlanta commercial real estate for sale or lease. This means they are not hiring a professional real estate company to advertise their product. Which is completely fine.


What it’s Like dealing with CRE Websites


Understandably there is a catch when you are in the general public and looking on these sites. Many of them are hiding properties that you can view. This is because they are hidden behind a paywall. You as an investor could be missing out on a great number of Atlanta commercial real estate opportunities.


Furthermore if you were working with The Office Advisors you would have access. This is because we take the cost to serve our clients. On the other hand the websites can be clunky and not friendly to the general user. As you may already know, the Atlanta commercial real estate listings are chock full of industry terms. Moreover many times the listings are contenting incomplete or inaccurate information. 


How to find off market properties


Now, some of you are very savvy. You may be saying that the best deal is if it is not listed. Generally speaking you are correct! Working with The Office Advisors can find you the best deal. We are able to achieve this through our vast Atlanta commercial real estate network. The brokers also use proprietary techniques to source different non professionally listed real estate.


However we do not do anything crazy. There is also no big secret. Although it is very time consuming. Unless Atlanta commercial real estate is your full time job, then you probably are best served elsewhere.  


We take the task off your Shoulders


Furthermore, working with the best in Atlanta commercial real estate is beneficial. One of the many benefits in working with The Office Advisors is you will have time freedom. The time consuming art of searching for properties is no longer on you. We will take the burden of searching through countless properties. 


Now that you are free to do what you do best. The Office Advisors are experts. Not only real estate experts, but Atlanta commercial efficiency experts. When your search for office space begins, start here. No one should go looking for office space alone. Let The Office Advisors be your number one source for all things Atlanta office space. Subsequently The Office Advisors allow you to focus.


Benefits of Working with Us


Starting a business relationship with The Office Advisors is a great idea. We can help your business be set up for success. What many small business owners do not realize is their cost of commercial real estate. When leasing an office, especially in Atlanta. The cost is second or first on expenses. The Office Advisors can save you money! Hiring us to represent you can be the smartest decision you make as a business owner.


Secondly to saving money. Time freedom as we discussed earlier. The task of searching for your piece of Atlanta office space is passed along. Your new found time freedom is also a cost savings. You are now available to do what you do best. That is run your business! 


Moreover, finding the right property. Many brokers may promise this to you. However they will just show you some listings from online. Now, ask yourself, are they really working for me? The Office Advisors will use all of our resources. This means driving around Atlanta to find the right piece of commercial office space for you. 


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We would love to hear from you

So if you were still not fully convinced that you need to work with The Office Advisors and visit our website. You can fill out one of the two forms on a website to get in contact with us. Our Brokers will reach out to you as fast as possible. So no matter what your Atlanta commercial real estate matter is we are here to help. Do not go looking for office space alone. Contact us first.


Other Media


 If you are a small business owner or just love all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is it our YouTube channel.


 Maybe you like  listening to a podcast. Check out the Thrive time show podcast where our vice president was interviewed. Interviewed about how to get representation can save you money.


Family Brokerage

The Office Advisors come from a family company. The Sellect Realty Company is a trusted name in Atlanta and Marietta real estate.