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Who doesn’t want to work for the best in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, raise your hand? Just kidding we know that we can’t see that. Most people do want to work for the best company that is out there. However unfortunately there can only be a few great companies in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Fortunately, though The Office Advisors is that company. We are striving to become the best and number one in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. While you’re on the world wide web and go over to our website and check out more. You can see on Mini different pages that we are different. The office advises was founded to create a better culture or the Brokers as well as our clients.


 Now if you have never worked for Atlanta commercial real estate brokers before that is fine. All you need is an active Georgia real estate license. We have different options for brokers as well as different structures. Maybe you’re a go-getter that loves people. It didn’t that you will be a traditional broker roll. If you are someone who holds the license plate of the beast on the phone. We have a great option for you as well. The office advisors is here to assist our brokers in order to make them successful. If they are not successful then we’re not successful.


 Subsequently, so we provide training constantly. Our team undergoes weekly training and role play. We want to make sure that everybody’s on the same page in striving for the same goals. However, we are always hiring for this reason. You might not realize this but you can never make everyone happy. This industry has never made and we’re trying to keep only the best of the best.


Always looking for top talent 

 Firstly we are constantly hiring for this reason. Holding weekly interviews. These interviews are set up in order to find and locate is the best talent. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different brokers. However, they are not all created equal. So here at The Office Advisors, we only wanted the best. That is why I found her interviews weekly. If we know that someone is great and does not have a position for them the time we can reach back out to them when they do. However, if we have people that are bad we do not want to fire them immediately but we have the option if we are all constantly interviewing. This also keeps the Brokers on their toes. So they will work harder and create more.


 Now our system is that you have to buy into.  We are like what I like to call the New England Patriots. We want to make sure that you understand what is going to be asked to do. As well as do things by the book and how we had them presented. In order to create a streamline systematic process where everyone wins. Making sure that the client comes first as well as our Brokers needs an understanding of the products of met. 


A Change in how it is done

 If you are looking for an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm that does things differently than you’ve come to the right place. The office advisors actually advertise for on Brokers. And that does not mean that we have a marketing department that just creates a flyer for your property. No actually quite the opposite. Even though we do have a marketing department, guys. they are available to all of our brokers in order to create the Flyers that are needed. As well as any other type of print material. However, we actually market for our Brokers to bring them to leave.


 Subsequently setting us light years ahead of the competition. No other broker actively markets for their staff. This is why we are so different. We want our Brokers to have leads as well as create their own business. So if we can supplement some of their income by creating the new business we are happy to do so.


Creating Opportunity for Our Brokers 

 However, you might be wondering how is this all possible. We actually have a process in order to generate new leads and income for our brokers. Our team is constantly striving to do better and change how Atlanta commercial real estate is done. For that matter how commercial real estate is done nationally. We have dreams of changing the entire industry structure. We are the disrupter in the commercial real estate industry.


 When marketing is properties We Stand Head and Shoulders Above the Rest. This is because we actually use technology as well as the Internet to our advantage. While other brokers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market will make a flyer and put up a sign. We do not do that. Constantly Reinventing marketing techniques as well as utilizing search engines. The team here is able to find buyers or 1tenants faster than any other competitor.

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 Now if you’re not completely convinced that you should have work with us then set up a time with our ad broker. He is always holding interviews on Wednesdays at 5:30. You can show up or just shoot him an email. Willing to work with motivated hard-working people. We will only the best of the best at The Office Advisors for or Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Ventures. 



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The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of Sellect Realty of Georgia. A trusted name in Marietta residential real estate for years. A female and veteran founded the organization. Office Advisors love working for this company. 404-594-3028