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If you have never worked with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company before, then you’re in for a treat. The office advisors are Atlanta’s  most reviewed and rated commercial real estate company. This is because we focus on the customer and our Brokers. Check out our website to learn about all the services we offer. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency expert. However we are not focusing only on efficiency. The customer always comes first in our endeavors. Working with us will be the most pleasant experience you’ve ever had. Especially when dealing with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


 Now the first thing you should do is a visit our website. Check out www.Theoffice quick around and a check out all the services we offer. We are a full-service Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. Only hiring of the best of the best. Every broker that works with us goes through a three-step hiring process. The brokers at the office advisors are not just Warm Bodies. We make sure that our hires are striving for Success. Not only in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, but life as well. The reason we do this is we only want individuals that are constantly moving forward. Just like our clients.


 Business owners are trying to improve their life. The Office Advisors is a small business, and we love helping other small businesses. We free up your time so you can focus on what you do best. Work on your business. If you waste time by scrolling through countless Atlanta Commercial Real Estate listings oh, then you are not working efficiently. Your time needs to be focused on your core competencies. Allow the office advisors to take the helm when it comes to your search.  The Brokers here can help you locate property. Negotiating is also what we do on your behalf. When you provide information so you can make the best decision possible for your business. There’s no reason to go through Atlanta Commercial Real Estate alone. The Office Advisors has your back through the entire transaction process. 


Real Reviews

Furthermore go to work Google Business listing. This is the best place to find what our customers and clients think about. Business owners just like you. They leave reviews after we have help them locate their next Atlanta commercial real estate property. Some of these have worked with other brokers in the past. Check out the real reviews from customers like you. We are certain that they will wow you.


 However you should never trust exactly what you read on the internet. Weird promise that these are from reliable sources and are not paid for. Making sure that all these were clients, we will allow you to access them before your research. Never go through an Atlanta commercial real estate transaction alone. Make sure that the broker you work with has your interest in mind. The office of visors always has your interest at heart. Never going after just a commission.


Why We Are highly Rated

Now you might be wondering why we are so highly reviewed. Here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market you will find that it is a slow-moving behemoth.  Traditionally speaking Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is just done with a handshake and it’s all about who you know. We saw this as a disservice to the smaller businesses. Focusing on customer service and Technology The Office Advisors was born. Things that other firms thought were unnecessary. The founders of our company set out to change how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done.


 Focusing on the customer the office advisors set out to  transform Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. At every step of the transaction your broker will be there with you. We offer free business plan templates as well as look books. Constantly evolving with what the customer needs. We want to make sure that your entire real estate transaction is smooth. So when we focus on the customer we really mean it. Our Brokers will go above and beyond to explain and thoroughly vet properties. We are leading through change. Just like this article from


The importance of Customer Service

Now you might be wondering to yourself why is customer service so important?. The reason is simple. In a real estate transaction many people think the Brokers are out just for the commission. However here at the office advisors that is not the case. We coach all of our brokers in order to help the customer. While hiring we make sure that their intentions are pure. We only hire individuals that are truly passionate about assisting other companies.


 The customer service in Atlanta commercial transactions has always been poor. This is not only on The Brokerage side. Attorneys as well have traditionally been very transactional based.  When working with us  we only refer to the best. The other like industries that we partner with focus on customer service as well. We will never refer you to another company within the realm of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate that does not meet our standards. If a customer has a bad time in the entire industry typically gets hit by a car. Setting out to change this, The Office Advisors will have your best experience guaranteed.


Our Team is Held to High standards

Any broker at the office advisors will give you the greatest customer service. We hold them to the highest standards on every transaction. Never skipping even for the smallest of jobs. Making sure that our Brokers constantly are providing the highest quality of service. If we find out they are not then there is disciplinary action.

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 If you want to get in contact with us we make it simple. You can visit our website. On the website there is the homepage and contact us forms. We make this very simple for you to get in contact with us. or you can always call. The office advisors are standing by in order to help you with your next Atlanta commercial real estate transaction. Remember that we are the highest and most reviewed commercial real estate company in the Metro Atlanta area. So when you  need a broker that looks out for your needs contact us. We promise that you will not be too satisfied. 404-594-3028

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The Office Advisors is affiliated with Sellect Realty. A trusted name in real estate for years. No matter what your need in real estate is. The Sellect Realty family is here to help. Visit our websites or call today. 404-594-3028