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Atlanta commercial real estate market and needs the best brokers then The Office Advisors is right for you. You can always trust that we are just a call or an email away. The services we offer in the Atlanta commercial real estate market or parallel to none. However we also think that we are number one in all of commercial real estate. You can bet your last dollar that The Office Advisors are here to help you with whatever your job. There is no job too big or too small that we cannot handle.       404-594-3028


 Now if you were a large company or organization The Office Advisors are here to help you and your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. We are trusted in the Atlanta Commercial brokerage because of our outstanding and Stellar performance. We have the staff and connections to help undertake even the largest of jobs. It doesn’t matter if you were a Fortune 500 company or a startup. You can bet that the office of visors are here to help you and your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.


 Furthermore if you have chosen The Office Advisors as your Atlanta commercial real estate brokers then you have chosen the best of the best. We are an organization that truly cares about our clients. We take every job as if it is the same. You have to do this when dealing with real estate because no matter how large of the project the outcome has to be the same. Likewise our brokerage stands out amongst even the biggest of Atlanta commercial real estate brokers.


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Now once you’re ready for the right Atlanta commercial real estate brokers for your needs then you need to visit our website. On our homepage at you can fill out whatever forms and figure out why we are in the best Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. Also we are the fastest at contacting our clients. You can rest assured that we will always be just a short call or email away. We pride ourselves on being able to be the most responsive in the industry as well. Our Brokers will never leave you hanging when it comes to your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction.

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Moreover The Office Advisors pride ourselves on being able to take on any size job. All Breakers understand that your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction can be costly no matter what the scope. Understanding that each transaction means something to someone we take a personal approach. Our clients understand this from the onset. We look at you as a relationship not as just another transaction.When taking on the smallest jobs we put the personal Touch on down. Likewise it doesn’t matter if you were trying to lease out a thousand square foot office, or trying to lease an entire floor in one of the most prestigious buildings in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


 Subsequently The Office Advisors can handle any scope of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate project. We pride ourselves on making sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Through all of our Network we can make sure that your job is taken care of in the Atlanta commercial real estate market no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. This goes for development as well. also you will never be last waiting to have answers from us.


Experience taught Us Change Was Needed


Due to our founder, Reid Moore’s experience in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate field he saw that there was a need for a change. Experience told him that there needs to be a more client-focused model. We wanted to help the small businesses because we felt like the smaller firms were being overlooked. When a large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage looks at a small business they do not see it as a value. They only want to work with the large Fortune 500 companies.You will quickly understand that we do not care about the size of your business, we only care about you. We love helping small businesses because we are one too.

Now we also saw a need for the use of Technology when it comes to marketing property. We wanted to help our clients with all of our listing services. When it comes to choosing the best brokerage for your Real Estate listings The Office Advisors is number one.The technology we use is not only limited to the marketing websites, but also we use the most up-to-date camera and drone photography. This helps us showcase your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset better than all the rest on the market. Forever we want your property to stand out better than the rest so it can be sold or leased in the fastest time possible.


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Also we make it very easy for you to reach us at any time. The “contact us” tab on our website at is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get in touch with us. We also have a form on our main page. If you’re ready to start with the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage then contact us today. We are standing by one of our Brokers and will reach out to you in the most timely manner possible.


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 Also on the note of being a small business our vice president of commercial operations Reid Moore and held a weekly Mastermind meeting. Then it is cast on YouTube. He has a panel of business owners and Industry experts discussing business strategies. They talk about how to come back to the current crisis we are facing. Also they discuss strategies and their own challenges. If you are a small business owner you might want to check this out.


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Now you might not be aware that The Office Advisors is a family and brokerage. Our parent brokerage is Select Realty in Marietta Georgia. They have been a trusted residential real estate company in the Marietta area for years. If you are looking to sell or buy a home then you should check out .404-594-3028