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Having Top Representation

You’re looking to purchase some Atlanta commercial real estate assets. The Office Advisors is the brokerage to have your back. Looking to have the best representation on your side but you up for Success. This is just a matter of fact. However working with a brokerage that does not have your best interest in mind will not help you succeed. The Office Advisors is your number one choice in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So when looking for a broker to represent your needs contact The Office Advisors. 404-594-3028


 Now you have your choice in Atlanta commercial real estate companies. Furthermore you have the option in the state of Georgia to work alone. However working alone typically will be way too time-consuming. As well as the confusion and lack of Industry knowledge. Just because you have flipped a few homes does not mean you’re ready for the real estate world of commercial.


 So before you start trying to buy your first Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset contact us. The Office Advisors will have your back when other brokerages do not. However going at it alone will not only take up all of your time, but can cost you money in the long run. The industry professionals here have Knowledge and Skills that normal individuals do not. Being in the field every day allows us to keep on top of what is actually going on in the world of cre.


Money is Cheap 

Now we are certain that you have heard how money right now is extremely inexpensive. Having a loan with a favorable interest rate can set you up. Earn more interest rates on March of the finance package out there are at historic lows. Some of the interest rates are at the lowest since they’ve been keeping track. So if you were looking to buy your first Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset now is possibly the time. With strong industry numbers our markets have held well through this pandemic.


Moreover the strategy of Leverage can save you money. Using the loan and only a minimal down payment can help create a great amount of cash flow to your asset.  So when you’re looking to buy your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset think about the financing options. Here at The Office Advisors we have many different industry professionals to guide you through the process. However we all know that investing does not come without risk. So make sure you understand your goals and risk tolerance. The Office Advisors will give you the most information so you can make the most informed decision for yourself.


What to Do With Cash

 Subsequently many people are asking what I would do with all my cash. Some of our investors are in a much better place than they were in the early 2000s crash. With not as much leverage properties, and more cash on hand. Some of our investors have suggested and are acting on the fact of using multiple down payments for multiple properties. This creates a diverse range of risk disbursements. What they have done is take different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets and invested. They not only invest in when they’re typically used to. Moreover, they have now put their money into new types of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate verticals.


 secondly another strategy that we have seen investors do, is take the excess cash and put it into build outs. Instead of having a loan for a build-out of a tenant. The investor now has cash on hand to put directly back into his property. Creating less stress on his cash flow. So if you have a new asset in plenty of cash and might be a good way to disperse some of your funds. That way you do not have bill collectors you only have more money coming in.


Looking for Opportunities

Thankfully so the Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different options. These actions have created a vast amount of new opportunities for investment. Traditionally speaking many people saw some Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset class possibly going away. However with the pandemic and Rise of new cultural purchasing power. The rise of industrial and smaller Industrials like space has become apparent.


 With many spec built plans already in motion Atlanta seems poised for Success. The long-held thought that we might overbuild is now going away. The developers are seeing such a need in the industrial spacing. Creating a rush in the market. So if you’re looking for a new type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset class to invest in. You might want to check out the industrial space.


New Vertices to Invest in


Consequently the rise in Opportunities can be felt everywhere. Traditionally a commercial real estate investor might have only looked at the normal options. These options typically included retail, office and Industrial. However new buying habits and home purchases have created other avenues. Some of the hottest industry Trends have been in self-storage. This has such a low overhead that it is very attractive. So if you were looking to invest in any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset give us a call today.


New Markets Are Showing Promise

 Checking out the non-traditional investment areas of the Metro Atlanta area is a good choice. With the rise of the pandemic we are seeing the trickling out of people from the cities. However in the past few years has been such a rise and influx of individuals moving in. The uncertainty at times that we are currently living in have created an exodus to say. Some of these individuals that were living in the city are now moving back out to the suburbs. However the suburbs that were created had a lack of inventory. Some of the non-traditional Metro markets are now growing. Taking a look at a non-traditional investment area might be the best opportunity now.

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