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General Terminology and Abbreviations To Know


When going through Atlanta commercial real estate transactions there’s a few important terms that you should be familiar with. The Office Advisors is an expert in all things commercial real estate. So whenever you were searching around for your next commercial real estate space there’s a good chance you’ll come across some of these words. If you need help understanding this or like further service in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space contact The Office Advisors at our website. Or you can reach us by phone at 404-594-3028


Now if you don’t not have representation on your side when searching for your next Atlanta commercial real estate space then you are at a disadvantage. Having a broker that is knowledgeable in the area of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is almost paramount to success. Even if you do not choose to work with us we suggest that you have a license representative on your side.




Firstly one of the most common abbreviations you will see is the letter c r e. CRE is short for commercial real estate. You might see this a lot on the side of brokerages, or signage on a listing. All this means is the words commercial real estate. This is to let people know that it is not  zoned residential and that it is for business purposes. When searching around on the world wide web for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space you might come across these initials as well. Many websites use these initials as well as emails and search engines. So whenever you were searching for your next space make sure that you understand what cre stands for.




 Secondly there is the abbreviation c a p. The letters c a p is an abbreviation for capitalization rate. Capitalization rate is a financial tool used to evaluate the value of her property. This is a financial told investors use when looking at an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. It’s just a simple formula that allows you to make a decision based off of a purchase price. What it is is the operating income, the net operating income. Then you take that and divide it by the purchase price of the building. It is just a ratio to show the rental properties income to its purchase price. This mechanism helps investors evaluate a property quickly.




The third term that you might come across when searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate or going through a transaction is the word industrial. Industrial means generally what comes to mind for most people. However it is not necessarily buying a manufacturing facility with giant smokestacks. Industrial means that is typically some type of manufacturing or shipping industry. They are larger warehouses and order the outskirts of towns along major highways. Industrial refers to the fact that it is for more machinery and shipping type Services. Is not for general office space or retail friends like a traditional small business line operator.


 That one thing to realize with industrial is that is generally less per square foot. This is not because of quality. But typically because the amount of space that is involved relative to the cost. An industrial space is typically just a large empty warehouse space. Or some type of gravel Lok. Industrial can be used for many types of manufacturing and other services. Set the alarms Concrete in shipping doors are not near as expensive  as a general office fixture. They do not have to be pretty industrial spaces for you and workability. 


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