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A Different Kind of Company

Trying to find a great and fun Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm is difficult. Why do you think this is? Well, we believe it is because of the fact that commercial real estate, especially Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is filled with a bunch of boring people. Now personally I’m sure they are not all boring and have many different interesting assets about them. However, the industry as a whole in the companies that occupy them does not seem entertaining at all.  when working with The Office Advisors you will quickly find out that we are the most fun and creative Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company. While searching Around the World Wide Web we suggest that you visit our website  from here you can check out all the different services that we offer. Just from the moment, you land on her page you’ll see that we’re different than our competitors. Call us today or fill out a contact us form so we can begin helping you on your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Journey.

Now if you have never worked with a brokerage firm before when trying to find or buy Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, then you’re in luck. The Office Advisors pride ourselves on creating the most fun atmosphere for our Brokers which pushes into our customer service. All of our Brokers love what they do. You’ll be able to feel this from the moment you talked with your commercial advisor. The Atlanta commercial real estate market does not have a brokerage firm like ours. They are so traditional and stuffy that you might feel overwhelmed or bored to tears. Either of these feelings is not good when you’re trying to embark on your do entrepreneurial Journey.


The Past is The Past 

 Furthermore, the old way of doing things is dying quickly. However, it seems that the large competing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage does not see this. They either fear it completely or refuse to embrace it as a fact of life. With the way life moves at us and industries are disrupted every day oh, it makes just good business sense to go with a company that is forging Ford. The Office Advisors are constantly staying on top of Technology install to better our customer experience. The Atlanta commercial real estate market needs a company like us. And we need customers like you. Driven, Visionary, and ready to go.


 Subsequently, we are waiting for you to assist you. You might not be aware that if you are a business looking to lease space our services are completely free. Now you might not understand how this happens. Which is okay there is a lack of knowledge in the business World about our services. Most companies do not even know that the service exists and is actually prevalent. So what you need to do is contact us first so we can help understand your business and your space requirements. The reason this is so we can help locate and negotiate to get you the best deal. The Office Advisors are constantly working the Atlanta commercial real estate market in order to improve not only landlords but business tenants as well.


Why we are a different organization

 The reason a company was founded is that our owner saw a massive gap in the market. Not only in how customers were treated and Brokers as well from their respective companies. But the fact that there is a massive lack of representation for smaller organizations. We are a small business of love helping small businesses. They are the ones that seem to be taken advantage of most. This is because the landlord is out to get the best rent possible for his building. 


However, what is massively overlooked many times is that a business must succeed in order for the landlord to make his money. Even though Lisa’s are legal buying thing documents and a tenant is still responsible even if their business fails. However, this does not benefit the landlord at all. When space is empty or defaulting this creates a negative cash flow. There is a cost to keeping the space even when it is unoccupied. Or the amount of rent being paid even when the business is not there might be significantly reduced.


having representation on your side from a brokerage that is energetic and fun is beneficial. This is because we take such pride in focusing on what it is our client actually needs. We want to know your goals and where you see your business going in the future. Not just today because the future comes at us quicker than we ever expected. So when you go skating at least we look to the future with you as well. Moreover, we understand how landlords work. This helps us gain a better deal for you in the long run.


Contrasting to other companies

 Now you might be asking yourself what makes The Office Advisors so different from any other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company? It is not only the way we treat our customers but mainly how we treat our brokers. We make sure they are taking care of at every step of a transaction and lead generation cycle. We want to make sure our Brokers are happy and that way it reflects in their service and work.


 So when a Brokers interviewed at The Office Advisors for in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate roll we do things differently. Our interviewing process is completely different than the traditional method. This way we can weed out unsavory characters and people who do not think like us with a customer minded and team approach.


 Furthermore, the team-building exercises we do are constant and extremely fun. We even do things like go out to hunting property and camp for a week with everyone. That way we can see everyone at their most vulnerable and come through challenges together. We want to make sure that as a team we work well together even through tough times. Having fun and laughing all the way.


Don’t Believe Us?

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 now if you’re not completely convinced that you should work with The Office Advisors for all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs then we have a suggestion. Go check out our Google Business listing. On there you can find reviews, many of them five stars, from customers and clients like you. These are all verified clientele are brokerage. You will see that working with us is different from any other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company. There is no time to waste contact us today to begin your journey. 404-594-3028


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 Parent Company

The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of Sellect Realty of Georgia. A trusted name in Atlanta real estate for years. We are a veteran and female-founded organization as well. If you are an international client we have many different languages that we service. Contact us today to learn more. We can help you with any of your Atlanta commercial and residential real estate needs. 404-594-3028