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The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different firms to choose from. However, no one is like The Office Advisors. We are a different breed of commercial real estate agents. Starting off with your consultation you’ll realize that The Office Advisors takes a different approach. Some would say a better approach. Traditionally speaking Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is stale. Is an extremely stuffy industry to be involved with. The little guys in the business are often overlooked. However, we are changing that.


 Now when you are searching Around the World Wide Web check out our website.  You will quickly find out that we are trying to change how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. Focusing on the client and their needs. we realize that there is a better and more efficient way of sailing your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. Now don’t get us wrong picking up a phone and using your network is still a great way to get the job done. However, the way the users and customers interact with everything these days is different. Therefore technology must be utilized in order to achieve results. Technology through marketing efforts it’s how we can officially sell your Atlanta commercial real estate property.


We Can Sale or Lease Quicker

 Now if you own a building you’re probably wanting to do one of two things. First, you would like to lease out the unused space. As a landlord, you are constantly trying to find tenants to pay rent. Just a time-consuming task, as well as a vetting process, can be taken off your shoulders. Allow The Office Advisors to find the right tenants for you. We utilize technology in order to advertise to two individuals that are looking. We use a vast array of strategies in order to get the job done.


 Secondly, if you are an owner you would like to sell your building for a profit. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. This is not only in how we attack unused utilize Office Space. approach you how we market a property. The marketing team here is experts on putting your property in front of potential buyers. Before You hire one of the large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms give us a call. We also make it easy for you to reach us via our website. You can live chat with one of our brokers, or fill out one of our forms.  After we receive your submission one of our Brokers will reach out to you. No matter what the size of your property is, The Office Advisors will sell it quicker than anyone else. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Marketing Strategy

The Office Advisors is constantly striving to do things better. We are a group of Brokers that like to think outside of the box. Not afraid to do things that vary from the norm. Our marketing strategies are no different. Understanding that consumers’ tastes are changing. We interact With the consumer on a much higher technical level. Also, our brokers are constantly calling potential buyers.



Firstly was talked about the traditional way of doing things. Generally speaking, a broker will have you sign a listing agreement and from there put a sign out in front of the building. Now signs are great of course. This broker you hired might even take a photo to put on one of the Atlanta commercial real estate listing websites. From there make a flyer and send to other brokers in his contact list. Possibly even a few phone calls will be made. 


 now there’s also a dirty little secret that is not talked about. A lot of Brokers will hold on to your listing so they can double ended the deal. They want the full commission. Now we are entitled to it of course. However, they might hold on to your listing for a few years or months. As a landlord or business owner, I’m sure you would want this done much quicker. They might even fill calls and offers from other Brokers. However, they might not present them to you. Or even be less than honest when speaking with the other brokers. When you work with The Office Advisors you will not get this old way of doing things in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We do things efficiently and for our clients.



 Cool things happen when you work with us. Commercial marketing websites are great. However, there is a paywall. This paywall has the general consumer only able to see 20% of the listings. So Brokers are only watching your property. Not potential users. The Office Advisors put every listing in front of the consumer. Paying Upfront for the cost to get your property out there.


 Also, we do some pretty nerdy things as well. Which we do not have to go to in detail with but I’ll just name them off. SEO marketing. 3D tour walkthrough is a property. Where we can send the link directly to a potential client. Online ads that actually will attract viewers of your property. They will follow them around the internet so it will seem like they are thinking about your property constantly.  Pretty cool huh? No other Atlanta commercial real estate companies doing this. That is why The Office Advisors are changing how commercial real estate is done and not just to Atlanta but around the country.


Team Communication

 Thirdly we have a great team. Our group of Brokers is constantly talking with each other. This makes for a great environment that gets our deals done more efficiently. That is why we are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. If you want to lease or sell your space you should work with us. Always doing things differently and thinking outside the box to get the job done. Every week our Brokers me to play a game called Matchmaker. If anybody has any new listings in new tenants we try to put them together. However, by constantly updating our spreadsheet our brokers getting the job done.

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 Now if you’re not completely convinced that you should work with us then visit our website. We have broken her standing by for live chats as well as contact us forms that will email us directly. Check out our Google business listings as well to learn more. We are so highly rated in the Atlanta commercial real estate for a reason. 404-594-3028


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