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If you were looking for a commercial real estate broker to help you find your next real estate property. Then The Office Advisors should be your first call. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. We have experience in all the major brokerages Services. You can visit our website to learn more. We also have a Google business page with reviews from customers and clients just like you.404-594-3028


 Now if you were beginning to look for, “for sale real estate near me” then you have to think about a few different options. The beautiful thing about the Atlanta commercial real estate market is options. Depending upon what type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets that you were investing in will determine the area.


However, just because we have an abundance of opportunity doesn’t mean that they’re the right purchase for sale near me. As you would say. Choosing your right submarket is Paramount to your success. The Office Advisors can help you break down each Atlanta Commercial Real Estate somewhere. These might not necessarily be the right property when you were searching “for sale near me” in Google. 


Where  Are You Looking to Purchase?


Now if you were trying to just type into Google for sale near me Atlanta Commercial Real Estate then you might be out of luck. This is because the right asset class might not be in your initial submarket. Mini investors live in the suburbs in Atlanta. And then they also buy in the Atlanta Central business district. Just because you want something near you does not mean it’s the right class.


 Furthermore the wing of the different submarket of Atlanta can help you narrow down. The Office Advisors can help understand all of the submarkets for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. These different ones definitely have their benefits and drawbacks. Traffic is a major issue in the Metro Atlanta area in time effect on the businesses that are leasing from you. These are just a few tips to take into account when looking for your next purchase.


Submarkets of Atlanta


Now the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area has a few different submarkets. We’re going to cover some of the most popular but not all of them of course. The Office Advisors can help break down your investment strategy by determining where you would like Atlanta commercial real estate property to be.


Cumberland Galleria

The Cumberland Galleria area of the Metro Atlanta Market is a pretty large area.  However this is one of Metro Atlanta’s largest submarkets. It runs from the tip of Buckhead North on Highway 75. The ending point for its Atlanta Commercial Real Estate submarket when searching for sale near me is Marietta. Which is just North of the Dobbins Air Force Base. Westwordly goes till about the Sandy Springs line and to the east and south is Mableton. 


However within this submarket you will be able to have a lot of different options for sale near me property. The beautiful thing about this is bad Highway access in high-income areas. Due to the fact of the sprawling Suburban population of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Morgan. This is a strong are not only office but industrial. They are some large industrial properties with great access to Highway 75. A major thoroughfare through the Atlanta Metro Market. So if you’re looking to purchase property here, contact The Office Advisors today.


Midtown/Pershing Point


Now if you were looking at a property in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Sale Market Midtown Pershing point you have some money. This is due to the fact that this is shown tremendous rent growth year-over-year. Was one of Atlanta’s smallest submarkets. However the Midtown Pershing point is one of the major office sectors of Atlanta. The Office Advisors love working in the Midtown area because of the vibe and beautiful buildings.


 The Midtown area starts at the top where 75 and 85 funnel into the city. It didn’t run down to the top of the fourth ward in squares off at Emory Village then to Northside Drive. Of course not having a map this might be difficult to Envision.


Buckhead has Two Submarkets!


Generally speaking what are the most famous Atlanta commercial real estate markets is Buckhead. However did you know that buck had has a lower and upper submarket within itself. If you were searching for real estate near me in the Buckhead Market you have some great options.


 Not only does Buckhead Bose Mini retail options, but also many grade office options as well. There’s a vast array of size and class of buildings. So if you were searching for sale near me Atlanta commercial real estate properties. Buckhead is a great choice.


West Atlanta


Working over to the left of the map is West Atlanta. Some Brokers are now trying to break up West Atlanta many different some markets as well. This is because the recent growth. This area has shown that development and Industrial is booming. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has a strong appetite for redacted use at the moment. With the Chattahoochee Hills area of West Atlanta the most popular. The officer visors are experts in this area. So why don’t you give us a call if you were trying to find your next purchase. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate west side experts.


 However the westside of Atlanta runs General West Side two the same border of Midtown. This is a course to the South. So check out The Office for more information on how we can help you purchase or lease. Quit looking by yourself for sale near me Atlanta commercial real estate properties have a broker on your side that understands the areas can save you time and money.


Central Perimeter


 The central perimeter area of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate submarket. Central perimeter is where 400 is running out of Atlanta and 285. This is Sandy Springs in the 285 area. Another popular retail Center. But also a great and heavy dentist office sector. The Atlanta commercial real estate market and some Market here is strong. It has been a strong market for years and is continually showing right. With Mercedes-Benz moving their US headquarters in this market.

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