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Most investors in the world we live in are using the internet to find Atlanta commercial real estate. Sitting at home or at a restaurant we are now able to look at many options. The power of the internet is amazing. What we have heard from many of our clients is they used a simple phrase when searching for Atlanta commercial real estate. The phrase is typically some variation of “for sale near me”. Google has amazing capability of being able to locate where you are and give suggestions. Hiring The Office Advisors is where you need to start.  404-594-3028


However, when using these terms to search for Atlanta commercial real estate is only a small picture. The reality of the situation is more frustrating to many. The typical small investor that is going about searching for their next purchase is doing this. They might think that working with The Office Advisors might slow them down. Possibly even cost them money due to commissions. Moreover they feel that they can find the right property “for sale near me” on their own.


Subsequently, we find this not to be true in large. Did you know that when you use Google to search for Atlanta commercial real estate it will bring you to two major sites. These websites are owned by the same company. Furthermore, you will be blocked from viewing all of the for sale near me properties. When you work with The Office Advisors you will have access to more than 10x the amount of Atlanta commercial real estate properties! Wow right? Then it just makes good business sense to start the conversation.


Identifying Your Goals

Now, when searching for the right piece of CRE for sale near me you must know where you are going. When working with The Office Advisors we can help pinpoint your objective. Having an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish will determine the options you have in Atlanta commercial real estate. 


Therefore, the smartest idea for you is to contact us. The Office Advisors can assist you in sussing out what is trying to be accomplished with your investment. Looking at all the “for sale near me” properties can be overwhelming. Let us take this burden off you. Once you understand where you are going. Then The Office Advisors will find the correct Atlanta commercial real estate asset for you.


Different Types Of CRE to Buy


Now, as an investor  in Atlanta commercial real estate you have options. Even if you are not directly inside of the perimeter. Using the same search term for sale near me in the suburbs will give you many options. However your location will determine the class of the commercial asset. Also not all submarkets have all types of opportunities.


When trying to invest in Atlanta commercial real estate there are an abundance of selections. The Office Advisors are you experts to lean on. We can help you identify what selection of asset class you really want. The team at The Office Advisors has experience in many different types of commercial real estate. Check us out on our website so you can have a different customer experience. 


Fortunately, The Office Advisors are experts in locating all types of Atlanta commercial real estate. No matter where or what you are investing in. we can dig up off market properties. As well as very unique options for you. So pick your option and let the team at The Office Advisors locate it for you.




Now, many small time investors might not be aware of this option. NNN, or Triple Net is a great option for many. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many of these. Especially if you are using that favorite term. “Commercial real estate for sale near me”. 


However like all Atlanta commercial real estate assets they are not for everyone. Getting into what a Triple net investment is. These types of investments are generally for someone who does not want to take a lot of risk. A triple net property is seen as a “safe” investment. Subsequently the return is not as high as other types.


Reason being that your risk is so low. How can my risk be low on an Atlanta commercial real estate asset? Oh listen up because it is all how leases are structured. A lease on any commercial asset is what determines its value. This is because a lease is what creates the cash flow. When purchasing a NNN you have no cost besides your mortgage. Crazy right? The tenant of the property pays everything from rent to property taxes. I’m sure many of you are typing into Google right now. “NNN for sale near me”. 


Existing Business


Similarly in Atlanta commercial real estate is the purchase of an existing business. Now hang on. This can get convoluted so we are going to keep it brief. As well as two options. Understanding this is not the only option available.


Now, some of these company options might seem odd. What The Office Advisors see in Atlanta commercial real estate. Carwashes, laundromats, convenience stores and gas stations are most common.


However the way the real estate is structured can determine a lot. In one situation you might still lease. Moreover, many of these existing businesses own their building. So when searching for an all ready open business for sale near me. The Office Advisors is your source of information. 


Using an 10-31 Exchange to Grow


Furthermore, in the future you will want to expand your Atlanta commercial real estate portfolio. This might not be in the amount of properties, but in value. A very common way to do this is through a tax deferment. When using the 10-31 trading method it is important to understand what you will have to do. The Office Advisors can locate the right property for you. In the most efficient time possible.


Time is of the essence when doing this method. Due to the fact that this option is government mandated. When using the tax deferring method you have roughly 90 days to purchase a new piece of Atlanta commercial real estate. This is all done when an asset has appreciated and the owner wants to move on. The property is worth more so they sell it. Then with the proceeds of the sale they must be put back into another type of real estate. The owner has to now purchase a property. So that they will not have to pay taxes on the gains from the sale. 


Partnerships That Help You


No matter what you are trying to accomplish with your Atlanta commercial real estate The Office Advisors are here. We only work with the most respected companies in the industry. Helping our clients source all their needs is just another benefit.

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