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When you work with The Office Advisors your satisfaction is our goal. So it does not matter how big or small your budget is, we are here to assist. Traditionally Atlanta commercial real estate has been strictly transactional. However, The Office Advisors have changed this. We are creating a loyal customer base. Due to the fact we put our clients first. We have helped our clients lease out their flex space. As well as help others locate commercial real estate in and around Atlanta.


Now if you have never worked with a broker to locate flex space, then you are in luck. While you are surfing around the world wide web visit our website. Start clicking around to see what services we offer. On our homepage, if you scroll down there are reviews. These no biased reviews are from customers and clients just like you. We excel in Atlanta commercial real estate customer service. Furthermore, all of our licensed brokers are striving for excellence.


Each Advisor here is held to the highest of standards. That is why we can say satisfaction is guaranteed when you work with us. Do not hesitate to contact The Office Advisors. We are standing by to assist in all your Atlanta commercial real estate needs.


What can we do with this type of real estate? 

Starting off let’s define “flex space” designation. A Flex type of designation refers to the type of zoning and use of a particular piece of Atlanta commercial real estate. They are generally lightly zoned industrial buildings. However, these buildings will generally have a component of warehouse and office. Think of a type of industry that might need more storage and some front office work. However retail operations is sometimes carried out at these locations.


Secondly, The Office Advisors can help you locate potential tenants. The Atlanta commercial real estate industry has a lot of businesses. These businesses operate many different types of office space. Someone’s office might be a warehouse, while another is a class A building on the top floor. However, The Office Advisors can help you locate whatever type of tenet you will require. We will help you vet them as well as negotiate on your behalf. Contact The Office Advisors for all of your Flex space needs.

Advertise it!

 Marketing at your industrial or Flex space for lease is where we Excel. The Office Advisors has a team of individuals as well as a system to get the job done. Furthermore, we only use the best of our marketing ability. Each space no matter how big or small receives our fullest attention. Traditionally speaking Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is marketed terribly. A broker will hold on to their listing for months. What they do is then try to find a tenant without putting it to the masses. This is done out of greed. A broker wants both sides of the transaction so he can make the most money. Now, this isn’t an inherently bad thing. However, the job can get done quicker and more efficiently win marketing correctly. So it just makes good business sense to have the opposite visors list any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.

We help locate your location

 If you are a business looking to lease space we can help you locate the right Flex space. With many locations and opportunities around the Metro as well as outside of it. The Office Advisors can help you with all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. Understanding that when you try to negotiate on your own you will not be getting the best deal. A landlord is there to make the most money possible off of you. However, their Broker job is to do the same thing. Their job is not to look out for your interest. When you work with The Office Advisors we have your back and we’ll help negotiate to get you the best deal possible. It just makes good business sense to hire a representative.


 Now if you have never worked with a broker before when leasing space you’re in luck. A tenant rep broker is someone who represents a client who is trying to lease space. The Office Advisors specializes in tenant representation. It just makes good business sense to have an industry professional on your side. Secondly, you might not be aware that this service is generally free. It is always for our tenant clients at The Office Advisors. unlike other competitors who have a fee minimum. We will not charge you.

Find it

 Trying to locate the right space for your business it’s time-consuming. You have to sit through many different websites and might not even locate anything. This is because there is a general paywall behind these Atlanta commercial real estate listing websites. The Office Advisors have access because we are industry professionals. So we see 20 times more listings than the general public guys.

Now if you had access to 20 times more property, and an industry professional why wouldn’t you hire them? Especially when they are not charging you a fee.  Furthermore, it just makes good business sense when you free up your time to have someone do a task for you. This allows you as a business owner to focus on what you do best. That is run your business. So for all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs higherThe Office Advisors.


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Now if you’re not completely convinced that you should work with us then visit our website. While you were searching around the world wide web for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space visit us. The Office Advisors make it very easy to get in touch with us. No matter what type of transaction you need assisting and we’re here to help. What are they contact us form on the website or call us today.404-594-3028


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