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If you’re looking for the best in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate then look no further. The Office Advisors are Atlanta’s top firm. When you work with one of our Brokers you will get premier customer service. The Office Advisors are constantly focusing on how we can better your experience. That’s why we have Five Star reviews. 


Now, one of the reasons that you will love working with us is because of the Commercial Advisors we hire. Looking for motivated individuals with a personable attitude. Furthermore, this is very important when it comes to our clients. We want to make sure that they are taken care of and every step of the way. Hiring only the most motivated customer service minded brokers. The Office Advisors is Atlanta’s number one commercial real estate firm for a reason.


 However, this is not the case with many of our competitors. Generally speaking, the old way of doing brokerage is broken. All of these large brokerage firms want or Warm Bodies. They want to make sure that you understand Atlanta Commercial Real Estate but do not care how you really act. do not hire a broker that is not focused on you.  visit our website today to learn more about our services. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


Why we focus on reviews

 Now you might be wondering to yourself why doesn’t it Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company care about reviews. Or you might be like the rest of the world and understand that this is very important. It doesn’t take long while searching around Google to understand that commercial real estate brokerages do not care. They are appearance does not matter on the internet to them.


 They feel that they are a necessity and you have no other choice but to work with them. The Office Advisors are different. We believe that having a customer service mind, and an open look into our business is key. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has been not held in high regard for years. The Office Advisors is trying to change that. We want not only customers that I have an amazing experience, but other Brokers as well.


 Focusing on reviews from customers and clients alike are very important. Of course, we love all our five-star reviews. However, it is the bad ones that we learn from. We want to know what we have done wrong so we can improve upon it at every turn. The commercial advisor you were working with is constantly going through training on how to better assist you. Hire a commercial advisor from us and you will not be disappointed. Find out what others like you chose The Office Advisors to work with. Helping many small businesses in large alike through communication and efficiency.


Reasons Our Clients Love Us

There are a thousand reasons why they love us. The reviews help us understand what is working and not working. We also like showcasing to the world that we are real and not just a soulless real estate broker. Here we do things differently. In the office, we constantly have music going as well as happy hours on Fridays. Our fun light atmosphere keeps Smiles on everyone’s faces.


Commercial advisors at The Office Advisors focus on communication. When going through Atlanta commercial real estate transaction it is key to understand where things are going. Many parties are typically involved in a large Atlanta commercial real estate transaction. Even small ones. So having everyone on the same page attorneys alike is important. That is why the Brokers here not only communicate with each other but the other industry professionals as well. We want to make the smoothest transaction possible. As well as the most efficient Atlanta Commercial Real Estate team.


Why we are heavy on Technology

 now there has been very little movement when it comes to commercial real estate and Technology. The commercial real estate industry as a whole does not like using consumer base Technologies. They have a fear built-in about them. Thinking that if you democratize the technology then clients will no longer need a broker. However, we do not see this as true. Technology eases transactions and communication. That is why The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. However, don’t take our word for it check out our Google reviews as well.


The consumer side of tech

Constantly striving to better our experience with a customer is one of our main points. Our Leadership drills this into our Brokers as well. Weekly meetings are held to not only go over training and deals. But the team has a chance to speak and find out what is working and not. This is all done to better your experience.


The Broker side of Tech

Lastly, the use of Technology by The Office Advisors helps out every side of the transaction. However mini Technologies available are held by one or a few companies. Costar is the largest commercial real estate data company. Recently bought out a competitor. Ten-X was a growing auction site for commercial real estate. Seeing that there has been a rise in the appetite for i-buyers. Co-star made a move. You can check out more about it here in this article. What this means to us is that we are correct. With a rise in i-buyers means that there is an appetite by consumers for technology. Especially when it comes to the commercial real estate space. Align yourself with a broker who is aligned with technology. 

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