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With an ever-changing economic Outlook it is important to be positioned with a company that can adapt. The Office Advisors are the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm for a reason. Constantly evolving with technology, we are founded on the fact of  adaptability and efficiency.However if you were looking for the old model of doing Atlanta Commercial real estate then we are not the ones. Even though the historic firms are very well positioned and liked in the community. They are the slow-moving Giants in the room. If you want to work with an agile and adaptable firm contact us today.

Now no matter what type of asset class or user you are. The Office Advisors are here to help. We can service even the largest of companies for their Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However we are also branching out to other southeastern states. Stay tuned to learn more about how we can start assisting you and growing economies around the southeast. Not just for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, but The Office Advisors are here for you. Even with the uncertainty of times we will still focus on our clients and their office use needs.


Atlanta’s Strong Positioning Will Help

Furthermore our city is always in a good place to come out of an economic downturn faster than the rest of the nation. We are known for a very strong talent pool of workers to pull from. With colleges such as Georgia Tech in Georgia state center located in the city. The students for technology in business are abundant to choose from. As well as the fact that there’s a low cost of living comparative to other major cities. Making Atlanta a strong magnet for Industries. Making the Atlanta commercial real estate market an ever-growing desirable place to do business.


Not Reliant on One Industry

Now one of the major factors is that Atlanta is a city all done. Traditionally speaking we have seen some of the other larger cities suffer massively when it comes to a process. This is because they are too heavily reliant on one of the industries that can be gone in a blink of an eye. Hospitality and tourism are not what Atlanta relies on heavily. Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different types of asset classes. Which is able to draw a large aspect of Industries to our city.


Historically Come Out Stronger

According to an article from The Atlanta Business Journal, tiled “Why Atlanta’s office market is expected to recover quicker than the rest of the nation.” The Author interviews some leading Atlanta commercial real estate brokers. Subsequently, the Atlanta commercial real estate market has always come out stronger than many other cities. After boss and the recession crisis are just a few recent examples of how we came out stronger than the other  Cities.  This might have something to do with our Southern attitude and our ease of doing business. Without heavy regulations from government companies are allowed to go back to work quicker. Aslo the lack allows companies to move money around to make things more feasible.


Ahead of the Health Curve

Now also a silver lining is the fact that in the article they describe how Atlanta is ahead of the health curve. With Georgia having 6 WELLregistered projects. These buildings are built to contribute to not only the physical concerns of employees, but also their mental concerns. Always pushing for the Atlanta commercial real estate market is innovative and ways how to adapt and overcome. Even before the massive crisis he’s like this attack.


Adapting and Overcoming

Furthermore, even in times of crisis the Atlanta companies have come out well. The Office Advisors were able to work from home even without actual office space. Brokers and assistants like we’re able to be productive even in a time of shut down. However we are not the only industry to be able to adapt. With many other companies and industries alike had Atlanta commercial real estate offices closed. So when employees were sent home to try to do the work it was what employers fear the most.


 However many people have shown to be much more productive in these times. This is creating a rise of a flex type work schedule. The companies that are leasing office space are looking for ways to adapt to the current conditions. With flexible work schedules being a priority as well as the social distancing. Trying to create an atmosphere of work in the office and work from home. It is yet to be sad how productive this will be, or when we’ll be allowed to start working on this project.  therefore the true test of time on how the adaptation will work is yet to be seen. However The Office Advisors are confident in all of our Atlanta commercial real estate properties. As well as the company’s to use them.

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You have any questions on the future of your current office space in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Having Brokers that are specialized in many different assets. So if you want a firm on your side that is ever adapting and quick to move then The Office Advisors are your choice. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you and your use of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.404-594-3028


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The Office Advisors is a division of Sellect Realty of Georgia. Being a trusted name in Marietta residential real estate for years. A veteran and female founded company. The Sellect Realty family stands out. We are constantly striving to break boundaries and innovate. Never being hampered by what the crowd of our peers are doing. Furthermore, The Office Advisors was founded not only to utlize technology, but help the small businesses. We love helping small businesses, because we are a small business. No matter what your needs in real estate are, the Sellect family can assist you. Always a free no obligation consultation when meeting with our brokers. 404-594-3028