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The Office Advisors has set out to change how Atlanta’s commercial real estate is done. We are the driving force behind how CRE is presented to clients and brokers alike. Traditionally the Atlanta commercial real estate industry has had little to no change in over 100 years. The saying about commercial real estate is that it’s a “good ole boy” system. This is not an inaccurate observation. However, the industry needs change. If you want to work with a commercial company that will meet and exceed your needs then visit our website today. The Office Advisors are the disruptions. 


Now, once on the website check out our tabs. You can see that we partner with only the best in the industry. We bring together all of your needs for businesses and individuals to interact with their Atlanta commercial real estate. While you are on the world wide web, check out our Google reviews. These reviews tell the story of clients working with us. These are real clients just like you! Trust us when you read a few reviews you can rest assured that The Office Advisors is the best decision.


Change is Coming 

First, take a moment and think about an industry that has not been affected by technology. Think real hard about any company that does not utilize technology to its benefit. I bet you cannot come up with two. The advent of new industry disruptors happens every year it seems. The largest industry in the world is commercial real estate. We should not think that the Atlanta commercial real estate is anything special. 


Furthermore, this could be the greatest downfall of many brokerages. Being arrogant and not listening to the signs of changing times is dangerous. Look at taxi companies not only in the United States but abroad as well. Uber changed the game faster than anyone could react. Once large monopolies these taxi companies have disappeared. The same thing goes for small retailers. First Walmart was the retail industry disruptor. Then Amazon came on the scene and changed commerce as we know it. The Office Advisors is poised to be the Atalanta commercial real estate disruptor. After we conquer Atlanta we will take on North and South America. 


Things That Could Influence Change

Subsequently, technology and one brokerage will not be the only force. Disruption to the Atlanta commercial real estate market mat comes in many different forms. The disruptions may be one or a combination of factors. The one thing that is true about our world is that change happens daily. The speed of change seems to happen faster than the blink of an eye. The Office Advisors are here to usher in that change. We are not the only ones who will feel this. The United Kingdom and other European countries will be greatly affected. Read more about it in this article. 


Underserved Capital

Starting off is something that was recently brought up to me as a possibility of a negative economic force. This observation is about depressed investment returns. Right now money is cheap. Currently, there is a ton of cash looking to be parked in assets that bring a return. However, the investment side has bid up the price of these returning assets. 

Now, what does this mean? Purchase and Sale prices are bid up to and inflated on Atlanta commercial real estate assets. Thus creating a smaller return. Most if not all Atlanta commercial real estate assets are not immune. Traditionally assets that would bring a 7% CAP are now bringing a 5% or lower. The race to put cash to work might put assets at a zero-sum return. Which is not good for the investor or even the user of the space. 


Technology is constantly evolving

To continue on factors of disruption is what we have been discussing previously. Tech and how we interact with it will constantly be thrust upon. Whether you like it or not automation is a part of life. The speed at which it is happening is breakneck! The Atlanta commercial real estate industry thinks they are using technology because they might have some social media accounts. This is not what is being discussed. However, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the impact social media has had. 


Subsequently, how brokers connect with clients is changing. The way we reach them has had to evolve. People are no longer answering phone calls. With companies no longer being present in the office, cold calling has gone out the door. Brokerages are scrambling to find ways to reach potential clients. However, what many have not considered is the client themself.


The Evolution of The CRE Client

Lastly, the progression of how clients interact with Atlanta commercial real estate needs to be considered. All aspects of life have been bound up nicely and beamed to our phones. Why should our clients not expect the same thing from commercial real estate? Countless dollars have been spent on lead generation for and communication. Unfortunately, no one hs stopped to ask the client their thoughts. The Office Advisors are different from how we approach our clients. We use a client-first approach. At meet them on their terms. 


Now many companies proclaim they take this approach. However, we stand by this at The Office Advisors. Check out our reviews from our Atlanta commercial real estate clients. You will not be disappointed.

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