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Creating something from nothing is what The Office Advisors was founded to do. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate development is King. However trying to find proper sites that will produce money is getting harder and harder. Due to the fact that there is a rising cost of not only construction, but the price of land as well. Having a brokerage firm on your side that understands the market is key. The Office Advisors are scouring the market constantly for proper Land Development sites. So if you want a brokerage firm that understands all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, then contact The Office Advisors. Remember when you hire The Office Advisors we are a brokerage I think it’s the work completed.


 Now when it comes to a development there are many factors going on at once. It is not as simple as buying a piece of land and then getting a building put on it. On the surface that is all that is done. However there is a lot of lead up, and time that goes into the matter. Especially because many people are typically involved. Creating a murky and sometimes convoluted system. The Office Advisors are trying to change how all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate are done. Creating an efficient and a transparent system. We strive to not only assist our clients through the process, but the end users as well.

Communication is  a Must

Moreover, we are keen on communication. So when there are many different contractors as well as stakeholders. Need communication is few and far between. Also there are many things that are typically lost within the communication. Email chains and text messages as well as attorney paperwork create convoluted. However The Office Advisors are constantly refining our system to create a smoothing king size process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate development.


What is development

Now to begin to understand what development is let’s first take a look at the dictionary. According to Merriam-Webster development when it refers to Construction it’s a simple definition. “A tract of land that has been made available or usable: a developed tract of land.” However many people constantly think of just two types of development. These types are typically residential housing and shopping centers. However there are many different types of development when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


Furthermore,  just because the general public does not use the development site does not mean it is not important. Creating new spaces for Industries is also development. Such as the industrial sector of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. With the current economic climate logistical centers are popping up. New spec built industrial developments are becoming a hot item. Investors are getting excited about industrial. Especially in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. 


Locating a site

Firstly, he will have to pick a location.  Now when a site location is generally decided on it is because of many determining factors. If an industrial site is located for example. Then the decision generally needs to be near a highway system. This is because the logistical matters of the shipping and receiving. An industrial or logistical site is key when wanting to develop large Industries.


 However just because a potential land location is identified does not mean it is ideal. There are also many other determining factors such as municipalities. One other thing is that a site generally needs to be rated flat. This is because many large trucks as well as an assembly line will be used. When you have large tractor trailers on lights they need an easy in and out system without inclines. The inclines and Watershed issues create problems. Not only for the transient, but for the industrial Warehouse itself.


 Now we’re generally speaking a developer will locate an unmarketed site. They do this to create more equity and opportunity in the deal. Once a site is located they then try to put a contract on it.


Tying up the location

However, also referred to as a bird dog, the person locating the site for development. This person is good at locating sites and tying them up. What this means is they will generally put a letter of intent or a piece of property under contract. Stalling the site to all other contracts coming its way. Due to the fact that the person is putting a contract in order to develop a site. They then have to search for all the other pieces of the puzzle to get the job done.


Putting a Plan together

After a site is located and under contract then a strategy is put together. This is done by finding out about the municipalities being run to the land. Large Industries need more than just water on a site. So the developer needs to find out about General plans from the city about development. They also put together a floor plan and map out how much square footage can be used on the space.Luckily for many developers the Atlanta commercial real estate market has a wide variety of resources.


 Once they have a general idea of the type of industry and layout that will be done the calling starts. Once a developer has their stuff in order they generally reach out to all their contacts. Their contacts can vary from Brokers, other developers and investors.


Shopping for Money

Now an individual after they have all their paperwork done and plan in order they try to find the investors. Not only investors, they are also shopping for lenders as well. Trying to find Equity Partners in a commercial real estate deal is intimidating. Especially when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. There are many investment institutions as well as developing companies. Having a strong Atlanta commercial real estate background to put you in a better spot when shopping for money. This is because not only investors but lenders alike like to see a good track record.

When it comes to lending money the mortgage companies like to see a large down payment. If you do not have the equity to put up they would like to see a well rated tenant already lined up. This is because they want to see that the property will be making money right away.


Finding a tenant

 Furthermore, finding the right renter for the development can be daunting. Having a broker like The Office Advisors on your side can put you in a better position. We are tenacious when it comes to calling on the big dogs and all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Make sure you have a broker on your side that is not only efficient but has your interest in mind. You can rest assured that working with The Office Advisors we do have your interest at heart.  Atlanta Commercial Real Estate can have many different backdoor deals done. Major money is made in off-market deals, generally speaking .

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