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So when you were searching around the world wide web for a good developer he probably didn’t find much. However, here at The Office Advisors, we are typically the easiest to find on the internet. That is because of our marketing techniques and back-end optimization. The Office Advisors are striving to be number one in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. That goes for ground-up development to Leasing and Sales. Our trusted team of advisors can handle any real estate transaction you throw at us.  is it our website or check out our Google reviews to learn more about us? Guaranteed satisfaction when you work with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.


 Now you might not be aware that there is a large amount of commercial development going on. However, if you took a drive just around the Metro Atlanta area you would see everything from multi-family to office buildings are currently underway. The Office Advisors keep a pulse on what is happening in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. We are a new breed of brokers and I’m now branched into the commercial and residential development Arena. So if you’re looking for a builder for an investment property for a residential neighborhood we are the team for you. Give us a call today to learn more. Remember it is always a free no-obligation consultation when working with us.


 Opportunities in building  growth

Going into the year 2021 we have a lot of unknowns. However, there is an appetite for investment. Mini private Equity firms as well as individual investors have Capital left over from the past year. This is because a lot of people had an unknown feeling about the future however the future is always known, but it seems to be that investors are chomping at the bit to park their money somewhere. Commercial development is always a favorite of the investment community.


Traditional real estate Assets

Starting off with general retail and office development has come to a slow churn.  many brick-and-mortar businesses have been failing for years. Especially when you discuss the big box stores such as JCPenney, Kmart, Macy’s, and other large square footage retailers. However small businesses have still seen brick-and-mortar be successful. As well as other retailers are now downsizing on that they are square footage footprint. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has about a million-plus square feet under construction on Office Buildings. It is yet to be seen if the absorption will meet the demand.  Companies and workers alike are still navigating through a pandemic type scare. Individuals on both sides of the fence agreed that office life will be changed going forward. Making smart development plays in the office sector can still be beneficial. Especially when some companies are thinking they’re going to need larger square footage.


Apartment and Townhome Sector 

 Also, the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate multifamily sector saw a great year. Due to the fact of a large influx of moves into our state. Not only from large companies but individuals fleeing more totalitarian governments.  private equity and hedge funds alike saw the opportunity in multifamily and apartment investing. The sharp increase in home prices across the Metro Atlanta area has created a large demand for renters. So with no end in sight on an increased supply of homes. The rental market seems to be a smart play for anyone looking to invest. Furthermore at The Office Advisors are here to help first-time as well as institutional investors. We can handle whatever you need from location to closing the transaction.


Warehousing opportunities on the continual rise

 over the past year, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for the industrial sector. With new companies and a growing need for warehouse storage. The industrial sector has been a booming industry in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field. Lots of square footage is still being dealt with speculatively. However, the current landlords of existing properties do not seem too worried. Demand is at an all-time high which has increased asking rents across the board. Every submarket has seen an uptick in the rents asked on listings. The industrial sector traditionally did not see any overall increases for decades. Now with a massive increase has created a rush of institutional buyers on large portfolios.


 However, not all is bought up. There are still smart plays we believe left out there. Especially if you’re looking to invest in the industrial sector. Small or relatively small industrial portfolios can still be a profitable investment. Especially if they are less than the square footage traditionally bought out by the large hedge funds and Real Estate Investment Trust. Contact The Office Advisors to see if we can help you find the right Industrial product in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 An interesting technology to affect CRE

 now, unless you’ve been living under a rock you know who Elon Musk is. One of his companies the boring Co. is tunneling its way to change how traffic is moved around our country. Recently Elon Musk moves this company to be headquartered in Austin Texas. As well as expanding to Las Vegas Nevada. The goal is to create an extremely fast tunnel Network system across our country. Rapidly moving our traffic Underground. This could mean extreme pattern chefs and how commercial real estate is developed. It will be most likely pushed or Transit stations along with major cities. Keep an eye out for this new technology and its viability. We believe that in the near future we will see these Transit Center’s pop up and acting or developing around them is key to success. You can read more about the move to Texas here

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 Want to learn more about The Boring Co.?

 check out this article to learn more about what Elon Musk has up to. Very interesting about his technology aspirations. Anything that is going to affect a d traffic Industries something to pay attention to. This is logistically speaking because the way goods and services are moved will affect distribution as well as jobs and draw for the need of commercial real estate development.


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