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If you’re searching for the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company then you found it. The Office Advisors are number one in Atlanta commercial real estate for a reason. We always get the job done. No matter the size of the job we can help. The best team in Atlanta commercial real estate for a reason. The Office Advisors treats every client as if they are our only one. Here you will feel like family from the onset. So contact us today to begin your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Journey. Especially when it comes to development. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Call us today.


 Furthermore, we offer all types of real estate brokerage. Even on the residential side, we have an arm that handles that. However, if you want to D best in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate use The Office Advisors. With Atlanta growing ever so quickly the development has taken off again. Just at our small shop, we have been included in too many different cities and the new buildings going around them. Not just multifamily, but industrial developments as well. No matter what type of asset class even mixed-use is breaking ground.


 Sites that are dirt

 now one of the recent new developments that we have been to is just outside the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate submarket. Covington Georgia is the next big thing to happen. 45 minutes outside of Atlanta is a small booming City. Traditionally it is completely underserved in every aspect. The closest town has a million more square feet of retail space. There is not a major hospital or nice medical facility. Hotel and restaurant is scarce as well. Even before this new development is coming the county and city is underserved by 12 hotels.


 Furthermore, if you were involved with any type of development give The Office Advisors a call. We are working closely with the city not just the city of Atlanta,  but Covington commercial real estate as well. We have ins with the developers as well as the Economic Development Authority. So if you want the best most efficient team contact us now.

Growing City Centers

 Surrounding the Covington to Development Area is a lot of business expansion. Facebook has created a new location Hub there. Bringing high paying jobs as well as a server system. Bridgestone Golf is another company that is popular in Atlanta, but its commercial real estate is just outside. Not having a Class A office for his Executives have now moved their Executive offices inside the Atlanta area. Having the Covington City lose out. This goes for many other companies such as a battery operator and general  Mills Foods.


they’re more up-and-coming developments all over additional Atlanta submarkets. Commercial Real Estate has the largest industry in the world. There are no signs of it slowing down. If you would like a career in this bane of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate to give us a call. If you know of any development areas that need representation contact us as well.


 Now another major city that is on the list to be injected with new development is Powder Springs. The Office Advisors will be working on building a team to go after large development in Powder Springs as well. Not just experts in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, but all of the surrounding submarkets. In Georgia is a great state for development as well as doing business. This is due to the fact of our low taxes and friendly business atmosphere.


 Team building

 when working on Atlanta Commercial Real Estate development it is important to have a good team. The Office Advisors are experts at bringing in Industry professionals. If there’s a job that we do not do in Taos we lean on our friends. Only working with the best and most reputable companies. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different opportunities. We align ourselves to be at the top of the pyramid. Making sure that everyone that we work with is held on excellence as well.


 Furthermore, the people we work with are go-getters. Making sure that we only involve ourselves with individuals who want to get the job done. Not just collect a paycheck. However, this is part of the job which we will gladly do. Furthermore, the team is the best. This is because of relationships and past jobs. Experience is key when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Making sure that you have experience and well-thought-out. Is crucial to success. Work with The Office Advisors to get the job done.

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 So if you’re not completely convinced that you should work with The Office Advisors for all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs, then check out our reviews. While searching around the world wide web and type in our name into Google. From there are business listing will come up. Scroll down and click on the reviews. Where you going to go to our website. Read the reviews to learn how customers and clients just like you love working with us. Each broker here is an expert in their field. 


The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts for a reason. Our clients and customers love working with us because they can tell we care about them. Not just out to collect another check but in order to build relationships change how this is done. Changing call Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is transacted and interacted with. Visit our website to learn more. 404-594-3028


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