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Life and business news at a Breakneck speed currently. It’s just a fact of life at how quickly things can change. The year 2020 is one of the greatest examples of how a small incident can turn into a global economic catastrophe. Having a brokerage on your side that is keeping the pulse on economic situations is key to your success. We want to make sure that your business is thriving in every aspect especially its Atlanta Commercial Real Estate aspect. The news and information travel so quickly now it is that everyone’s fingertips.


 However, it is up to the people themselves to interpret that news. The office advisors are constantly paying attention to economic factors that will affect Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Furthermore, there are many other industries that are affected by the use of course. However, the commercial real estate industry is the largest end of the world. So every economic factor affects us even greater. Having a firm like the office advisors paying attention to your needs is what we do. The Office Advisors is here for all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate uses.


Large Funds are Making Moves 

Moreover, a major indicator of how Industries are being affected is what investment companies are putting their money in. There are many large wreaths and other investment tools being dumped into Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. At the moment we have seen all Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets being bought. However, there is always one sector that seems to have all or most of the action.


 Currently, we are seeing a rise in e-commerce and less foot traffic at stores. Large retail centers are trying to figure out mousse especially for anchor tenants. When it comes to the Atlanta commercial real estate market we are not immune. However, we are still seeing an increase in retail development as well as asset Trading. Whether it be in an industrial or multi-family sector investors are still purchasing assets. No matter what Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset you were trying to purchase the office advisors can assist.


Malls Are Changing Ownership

Firstly, the most interesting things to come out of the current economic conditions are large malls. One of the largest owners and managers of malls is a company called Starwood. However, Starwood is currently turning over control of many of its current properties. These assets are being traded to new owners and management companies. Furthermore, a staggering number is that they have currently turned control over seven malls in the past 2 months. And it looks like there might be number eight on the horizon. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is holding a few of these assets. It’ll be interesting to see if their 8th sell comes here.


Multifamily Buys

Like most other major markets and even submarkets, apartment and townhome buying has increased. With a mass exodus of renter’s coming out of those major city centers. The suburbs have become an increasingly attractive market. Many funds have picked up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Atlanta commercial real estate apartments. The buys that seem to be stalled at the beginning of the pandemic have picked up since quarter 3 and some closings at the end of Q2. The Atlanta commercial real estate market did see a slight slowdown but has picked up ever since. No matter what is happening the office advisors can assist in all your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. 


Industrial Still Booming

Subsequently, the industrial market has seen a major boom in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Atlanta. Even retail tenants he has picked up. With 59000 + square feet of industrial space leased by Amazon, the Atlanta commercial real estate market is great for many other large distribution companies. We have seen an uptick in Spec industrial and Warehouse developments as well. The office advisors are involved in a few of these. You want to learn more you can always contact us. Visit our website at


Currently, with the rise of e-commerce has allowed too many other smaller industrial spaces to be least. With flex spaces for new businesses driving a major portion of this. Other companies that were operating in these industrial centers have closed or moved on to two different sectors. Creating a large amount of sublease space available still. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has whatever industry space is needed. Contact the office of binders to learn more about how you can utilize your industrial space better. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


General Office Leasing Woes

With only one major tennis movie into the Atlanta commercial real estate office sector during this pandemic. Office leasing has come to a slow crawl.  even in some markets that we’re seeing historic rent increases year-over-year have since tapered off. The hottest of hot Midtown markets seems to be even feeling a little bit of the burn. With astronomical rent ask at the beginning of this year Midtown has since cooled on asking rents.


 However, the Buckhead Market has also seen cooling down. Major office tenants have moved to buildings if not out completely of the area. That’s an extremely high overhead cost to lease the spaces. Many large corporations are taking a step back in wondering if they need this type of space. With the pandemic companies are looking to read the rack and pinion on all of their Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. It doesn’t matter what size of tenant you are in the office sector of Atlanta. Leasing has slowed down. That was the time to act if you were looking to get into a new office space. Let the office advisors assist you in all your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.


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