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It is important to have a qualified Atlanta commercial real estate agent on your side. Especially when you’re going through any type of transaction. And can sometimes be done on your own. However, having an industry professional can save you money. Sometimes thousands if not millions of dollars in the long run. So why not hire the top Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. The Office Advisors are here to guide you through your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction. Taking the advisory role. The broker who you work with is there to provide information. So while you’re searching around the world wide web and visit our website to learn more.


 You might be asking yourself, “Why  are The Office Advisors the best?” It is because we focus on the customer throughout every step of the process. Power Brokers only focus on the result and not that commission check. We want you as a client to be satisfied. That is why we guarantee your satisfaction throughout the transaction. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different companies to choose from. However, there are only one office advisors. So while you’re searching on the world wide web is it our website to learn more. I’m going to also go to a Google Business listing to read real reviews. These reviews are from customers and clients just like you. We have helped countless individuals throughout the Atlanta commercial real estate market. So no matter the size of your investment, or the square footage needs of your business we can hang out. Contact us today to begin.


What do We Offer?

 Furthermore, there are many Specialties when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Some of them include triple-net Brokers, development, tenant representation as well as Property Management. The Office Advisors can help in all aspects. We as a company do not specialize as a whole on a certain particle. However, our Brokers do. So when you have a certain need trustee office advisors is the right team for you.


 Moreover, a great way to find who might be the right fit for you is on their website. The buyers of our agents are there. They are professionals and licensed. So you can do that you haven’t Atlanta Commercial Real Estate specialist working for you. Do your due diligence. We always suggest that you have representation. Even if you do not work with us. It just makes good sense regardless to have an industry professional. If you want to learn more about the services we offer you can visit our website.


Tenant Rep.

 Starting off one of our Specialties is tenant representation. This is when someone business entity is leasing. We represent the lessee. Now many of you might be thinking that you can do this job on your own. We are not saying that you cannot. However, it is best to have industry professionals. The Office Advisors is there to give you information. Ultimately the decision is on you. Did you know that the landlord has a broker on his side? That Brokers there to look out for the owner’s interest. Not you as a tenant’s interest. 


 their job as a broker representing the owner is to maximize you. Our job as a tenant representative is the opposite. So if a landlord has representation, doesn’t it make sense that you do. It’s just great business practice to have industry professionals on your side.All in all what we do on this service is represents a business owner. We help locate and negotiate space. The benefits of having an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry professional on your side is that. Finding off-market deals is one of them. You can spend your time searching for the right location or have someone else do it. The best part is we free you up. Your free time is so what you can do best. That is run your business.


Landlord Representation

 On the other hand, is the landlord’s side. If you were trying to lease at a property and then you would like representation. Even landlords who try to handle the job themselves no it is tiresome. That is why it’s important to have a good team on your side. The Office Advisors can assist landlords and all their Atlanta commercial real estate properties. Even if you are an industrial or office we have the team for you. So do not try to find the right tenant on your own. The Office Advisors are here to represent you.


 Furthermore, during the pandemic it made it is difficult to find the right tenant. With businesses shuddering and closing all over the place. You as a landlord might find difficulty. That is why I will step up to take the burden off you. So having the best marketing team on your side is beneficial. That is why The Office Advisors Market better than the competition. Our marketing stands out on all Atlanta commercial real estate property.


Marketing Properties

 The role of an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker can vary. However, when it comes to trying to lease or sell a property the job is clear. We must Market the property and get the right individual in front of it. That is why The Office Advisors Market better than any other. Our competition that does things the old way. However, The Office Advisors utilize technology and photography. Can you try to Market by yourself? You might find it extremely difficult. Or time-consuming.


 Now, have a professional do it. The Office Advisors will make your property Stand Out amongst all other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We utilize 3D tours as well as online ads. We want the most eyes on your property. So the right buyer or tenant will find it. That is why The Office Advisors are so highly rated. Our marketing efforts go above and beyond. Satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to marketing their property.



Tell The Office Advisors is offering a development. So if you need a built to suit or a lease-up situation we are here. Bringing a team together with countless years of experience. The Office Advisors are your new Development Authority in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


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Hiring the right firm in commercial real estate for you can be difficult. However, it does not have to be. The Office Advisors are standing by to assist you. Do not go about your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction alone. Visit our website to learn more.


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