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Hiring an Agent


Retaining a broker whenever you are going through an Atlanta commercial real estate transaction is a good idea. This is because having an industry professional on your side can save you time and money. We understand that the transaction process of any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset can be confusing. However The Office Advisors are a professional and experienced firm. Our licensed brokers or here to help with any of your questions or concerns. They gather all the information and will present it to you so you can make the best decision. Just call us today at 404-594-3028.


 Now when retaining a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta it is important to understand who is responsible for their payment. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different brokerages to choose from. All of these companies have different payment expectations. Some of the larger ones will require a retainer fee. At The Office Advisors we never charge buying or leasing clients. However it is important to understand no matter who you hire that you will know how and who is paying them.


Who pays the Agents


 Firstly it is important to understand what normal way of doing business in your state is. We’re going to discuss what is the typical way of agents and Brokers getting paid in the real estate World in Georgia. All of these or just from experience in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate landscape. Typically what we see is that the owner of a piece of property will be the one paying the commission’s of both sides of the transaction. This means that a buyer or lessor of a property typically will not be paying their realtor.

Go Through the Paper Work

Now if you are a property owner in your listing your Atlanta commercial real estate asset for sale it is important to read your listing contract. You have to understand what you are on the hook for and how much money you actually are netting at the end of the transaction. Also you need to interview your broker thoroughly to make sure that they will be marketing your property adequately.Importantly you want to understand the amount of commissions that you’ll be paying especially if there’s a co-op in the broker or not. Many Brokers want the entire Commission even if they barely did any work. Or if they are the only one on the side of the transaction.


Furthermore if you are being represented by a broker if you were a buyer or a tenant make sure you read your contract with the broker. Many companies in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area of practice require a commission minimum. Is because they do not like working with the smaller type of tenants. The Office Advisors will never charge our clients the buying or leasing side a commission. The landlord or owner of a building pays the commission to us. They have this built-in as a cost of doing business already.


Other Companies


Generally speaking the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate landscape of firms we have observed a few things. Some of the larger companies require a retainer fee for their tenant representation services.  Moreover, they require these fees just to get their opinion on certain real estate items. However at The Office Advisors we never charge for opinions.


 Now bigger firms do not like working with small businesses. The Office Advisors sees this as a huge disservice to the small businesses of Atlanta. There are many opportunities that are passed out by small business owners, because they do not know they are available to them. We are here to help assist you in your real estate needs. Having us on your side whenever you are going through Atlanta commercial real estate transactions will save you time and money in the long run.


Our Commission Structure


Starting off with the way we are paid by a landlord or owner. We expect commissions paid by landlords or owners of buildings that are for purchase. The Office Advisors will never charge our buying Cyclone hits. This also goes for our tenant representation services. Commissions paid to Brokers are already factored in to see lease or sale of the Atlanta commercial real estate property. Generally speaking the landlord is expecting these payments and have factored them in so there is no advantage to not having a broker on your side.


 Secondly with our listing services we want to make sure that you were taken care of. 6% on the cell of an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset is our normal commission structure. However we are in the works to fill out a flat rate system for commercial real estate listings. 


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Even by now if you’re still not convinced that we’re your best choice for any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs then visit our website. You can also visit The Office Advisorss Google business page and read reviews from customers and clients just like you. No matter what size of transaction you have we’re here to help.Contact us via our website or call today at 404-594-3028


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Now you can visit our YouTube channel as well as The Office Advisors. Mastermind round tables are held with Business Leaders from around the Metro Atlanta area. You can check it out on our blog as well.


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 The Office Advisors come from a family brokerage, Sellect Realty. a trusted name in the Marietta area for years.No matter what type of Atlanta real estate needs you have we’re here to help. The select Realty family has been giving the greatest service to the metro area in all of the real estate categories. The office advisors is a proud affiliation that can solve all of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.