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Are you in the market for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate? Then you should start your journey at We are a team of real estate professionals that focus on you, the client. Our team was focused on creating a client facing customer experience for your commercial real estate needs. We saw a need in the market and so we created and founded the office.(404) 594-3028


 Now no matter what type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate services we’re here to help. Commercial tenant representation is one of the things we offer. We do the real estate a bit differently. We start with your end goal in mind of course and then decline experience is our top priority. This is so we can manage our clients expectations and set up both of us for success in the long run. We want to make sure that the vision for your business is clear and so is the path. This is why are Brokers take time to lay everything out from the onset.


Cost Savings


 Furthermore at the best cost advantage to you is having a broker on your side. Even if you don’t end up working with The Office Advisors we always suggest that you will end up working with a broker. On almost all of the advertised properties in the Atlanta commercial real estate market a landlord is paying a broker. The landlord is paying a commission to the broker. If you do not have representation all this commission goes to the other broker. We at The Office Advisors are there to protect your interest not just the landlord’s. We are the middleman between you and the landlord’s broker guiding you through your real estate transaction.


 If you do not have someone protecting your money how can you watch all sides? Landlord and tenant representation are two different sides. The landlord has a broker watching after for his money. Doesn’t it just make good sense that you should have someone watching out for yours? Let us help you buy a Wyoming what if our broker’s take the time-consuming tasks of searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate off your shoulders.


Advertising Commercial Assets


 Secondly we also advertise commercial Space. We are one of the best advertisers of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. This is because we use the best technology at our disposal. We have 3D cameras for matterport and walkthroughs. This is so clients can see the property and get a better feel without ever having to waste time or money.The professional photography we use a second to none our goal is to show your property and investment in the best light possible.


 We not only advertise for sale, but also for lease. This includes subleasing as well. Did you know that we also do aerial drone photography for the properties that need it. This is very important in industrial-type settings to understand the logistics of moving in and out large.


Now I’m not sure if you ever tried to search for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate online. the information is only good as the broker uploading it. Or the owner in some instances. A lot of times what we’ve heard from her clients as when they call they never get a call back from the broker that is listed. This is because many Brokers do not like working directly with a buyer unless they have representation. The fact of the matter is real estate has a lot of moving Parts. This is especially evident in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. The Office Advisors are here to help you through every process step by step. We even have industry professionals on all ends of the transaction in order to help you succeed.


Understanding the struggle


We also understand the struggles of tenants or buyers trying to find Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. This is why our marketing is second to none. We make sure that your property is shown magic magically and efficiently in order to get in from the right prospects. This means not only advertising on all the websites. Steps are Brokers to go above and beyond. They call their list of buyers and other prospects in order to get your property sold or leased.


I’m sure many of you have questions on the Atlanta commercial real estate market. They ain’t even on why representation is important. What you need to do is visit our website and go to the contact us page. There’s some quick facts on all of these. Like how much does tenant rep cost? the beauty of hiring has to be your tit representative is the cost to you is nothing. The commission is paid out of the landlord’s side. This is because he is happy to have a paying customer in his building.


 When should you start looking for a space is another common question we get. There is no exact number to this but the more time typically the better. This is because most spaces might need to be billed out in order for your business to operate. This causes a longer time for you to move in so the more time 3 to 6 months is needed.




Now, general office users and Retail users as well as industrial space users all require different types of space. This is of course because they’re types of businesses are run and operated daily in a different manner. There are different nuances when he goes to leasing these types of spaces and each one has a separate set of Standards. This is due to the types of businesses that generally see space. The Office Advisors understand all of these separate leasing strategies and are here to help you on any of them. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is fraud where’s confusion, let us be your light in the Darkness.


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 Again I say fear not, this is because the office advisor can help you with any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. Just visit our website to learn more about us. If you are not fully convinced just reach out for a free no-obligation conversation with one of our Brokers. The best way to do this is visit our website at the office of visors. Com. From there you can fill out the form on the right hand side of the page. One of our Brokers will reach out to you in order to begin your conversation today.

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 We can also help with any of your residential real estate needs. We are a division of Sellect Realty, a real estate broker that has been well respected in the Marietta area for decades. If you are not comfortable speaking English we offer many multilingual Services as well. Visit their website to learn more.


 If you’re a business leader then you should visit our YouTube channel. Weekly our vice president of commercial operations leads a team of masterminds on Business from the Atlanta area. These industry leaders discuss the challenges that we are all facing with the current covid-19 crisis. They give strategies and information on how to cope with this as well as come out stronger for your business. (404) 594-3028