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When searching for an Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage to work with, visit us first. The Office advisors are changing the game. We have set out to disrupt the commercial real estate industry. This goes all the way. We do not only want to change how brokerage is done but the entire industry. However, if you want the same old way of doing things than it is best to go to our competitors. Here at The Office Advisors, we pride ourselves on communication.


Furthermore, we utilize technology to the benefit of our clients. Don’t believe us? Then we highly suggest you visit our Google business listing. First, go to Google. Then type in The Office Advisors. Our business listing is what pops up on the side of the results page. Our information on how to get in contact with us is located there. Also our address and links to our website. The most important aspect is found here as well. Click the reviews button. Read through them when making a decision. We are certain that they will convince you that working with us is the right decision. Remember that all of these reviews are from clients and customers just like you. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Just another reason why we stand out in Atlanta commercial real estate. 


Why We were founded

First, let’s talk about the reason The Office Advisors was created. There is a litany of reasons our founders started this brokerage. Atlanta commercial real estate seems to have a vast amount of competition. This is true! however, our founders saw that they are all the same. Each brokerage in Atlanta commercial real estate has the same mindset. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. 


Compared to all other dead or disrupted industries Atlanta commercial real estate has fared well. However, change is coming. The titans in the commercial real estate field are scared. Fortunately, The Office Advisors is that disrupter. We take a forward-thinking approach. 


Now, there is a huge disconnect in how the CRE industry services clients and assists its brokers. Both of these vertices are broken. We saw a massive need for innovation. Utilizing technology to streamline the process for our clients. We are Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts due to this. At a large firm, you might be handed off to the Vice President of some department. He then farms all of his duties to an associate and takes all the credit. The Vice President is in no hurry and rather be on the golf course. Now, the business owner is stuck waiting for any type of answer. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The Office Advisors are efficiency experts for a reason. Set up a free, no-obligation consultation. You can learn more about effective techniques. 


Young & Knowledgeable

By the way, the average age of an Atlanta commercial real estate broker is over 50. That means the old way is stuck. Moreover, any speak of innovation at a traditional brokerage is often met with adversity and mocking. 


As a young broker, this stifles your creativity and innovation. However, the experience is a good thing. We are not downplaying the benefit of years in the Atlanta commercial real estate industry.


In addition to experience hunger and innovation is critical. With baby boomers buying groceries online. Every industry that is brick and mortar with face to face is going to be affected. The Office Advisors understands technology and how to use it to our client’s benefits. We market differently and smarter. Now, we do use traditional means as well. There has just been a hunger for new techniques to get the job done. We get it done faster and for more money in our client’s pockets. Just another reason you should choose The Office Advisors. Together we are changing how Atlanta commercial real estate is done. 


Our Team on Your Side

Another great reason to choose us is an awesome team. Not only do our brokers work in tandem to get you the best deal for your Atlanta commercial real estate needs. We also have a list of industry partners that we recommend. Only working with the best and highest rated. Starting with a general contractor, attorney, and insurance provider. Of course, you do not have to use our partners. We just try to make it easy and accessible for our clients. 


Efficiency Processes

Starting with your consultation you will realize we are different from other firms. Our brokers follow a proven and mapped out process. This is because being efficient as possible in Atlanta commercial real estate is key. Moving quickly and orderly causes you to get the best deal possible. All along the way, your Advisors is your information source. He or She is there to provide you with the best information. The decision to move forward on any property is ultimately your decision. We try and provide only the best guidance and information. 


Open Communication

Throughout your Atlanta commercial real estate experience, communication is key. The old saying about real estate is its a lot of hurry up and wait. Meaning that your deadline is always pressed. Then you have to wait on the other party. Communicating throughout helps each party relax. Making sure there is an open line to communicate is what we specialize in. Your Advisors will be there through the entirety of your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction.

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We would love to hear from you. Making it easy to get in touch with us through the website. Two locations to reach out. Or we can always be reached by phone. Do not hesitate to begin your Atlanta commercial real estate journey. Reach out today! 404-594-3028


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Parent Company

The Office Advisors is part of the Sellect Realty family. A trusted name in real estate for years. Female and Veteran founded, Sellect Realty can service all of your real estate needs. If you are looking for career opportunities visit our websites to get in contact with us. 404-594-3028