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Do you want a career in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate? Then why don’t you talk to us about opportunities? The Office Advisors are a great brokerage to work at. Especially if you want to become a top Atlanta commercial real estate broker. We are always looking for good salespeople. A company like us does things differently. While you’re searching Around the World Wide Web why don’t you go to our website? You can get in contact with us there about career opportunities. Do not go the traditional route for an Atlanta commercial real estate career. 


 However, there are some requirements. In the state of Georgia are you required to be a licensed real estate agent? So if you’re pursuing or currently have an active Georgia real estate license then give us a call. The Office Advisors are a different type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. We focus on the customer through every step of the transaction. Only hire people who understand that this is the key to success. Furthermore, we only want Brokers that are self-motivated and willing to strive. Always aiming for higher standards than they currently are at. If you want to learn more about careers at The Office Advisors contact us today.


Our Hiring System

 Now we do things slightly differently. Traditionally in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage arena, you would go through a typical interview process. They might invite you in and then tour you around and meet the other Brokers. If everything goes to plan and the other employees like you you might be asked to join. Now one-on-one interviews are great. That is just not how we do things here. It is an extreme waste of time. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts for a reason. Our entire system from hiring to close is about efficiency. We have the best Atlanta commercial real estate career opportunities. 


 First, we start with the group interview. Now, most applicants do not know that they are going to be part of a group interview. However, our owners do this for a simple reason. A lot of people never showed two interviews. So if they had nine applicants and scheduled out nine separate interviews. The resulting Factor would be 9 hours of waste of time. However, if we do a group interview for the first one you get to see all the candidates at once. We are a team here it is important to see how Potential hires interact in a team setting.


Second, if they pass the test of the first group interview we asked you to come in for round two. At round interviews, they typically consist of a potential hire sitting down and learning more about the company with one of our partners. We want to get to know you better on a more personal level. The Office Advisorsact as a family. We treat every one of the users of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate as if they were part of our team. We want to make sure that you have the right temperament and mine said. As well as understand the division of The Office Advisors.

The final Phase is the Best

 The third and final phase is if you were brought on board there’s a probationary period. This part consists of you seeing if you can perform. We want to make sure that we have high performers on our team. So there’s a Grace. In order for you to get some deals going. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many bad Brokers. We are trying to change that by creating a small efficient team. Wanting to only hire the best Atlanta commercial real estate brokers is our goal. Therefore we want to see how you perform under pressure. Once you are able to complete our system in the sale cycle you will be brought on board. 


What We Offer

now you might be asking yourself what is so different about the oxidizer. Well, let me tell you that we have set out to change how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. Therefore, we want to make sure our Brokers are set up for success.  Now, this is not mean random education. We are concentrating on selling as well as advertising. That is right we actually market for our Atlanta commercial real estate brokers. This is unheard of in the traditional brokerage model.


 If you were to work at one of the large Atlanta commercial real estate companies they do not do this for you. However, you might get some inbound leads after years of service. With the constant changing needs of consumers. The Office Advisors is active to create more opportunities for our Brokers. Utilizing technology and advertising strategies. Our owners will do everything that is possible to get you deals.


 Subsequently, everyone wants to know what they get paid. Without going into too much detail tThe Office Advisors are different. Traditionally speaking at a large Atlantis commercial real estate company you would be at 50 50. The split here you start off as higher than that. As well as a quick way to successfully climb the ladder. With progress being rewarded. The more deals you close the more money you make. Not just on a sheer volume, but commission as well. The split gets better the more you make. So we can set of eyes our Brokers to get the job done. Wanting to be an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency expert or a reason.

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 now if you’re looking for opportunities with exponential growth we might be the right place for you. Changing how I live in commercial real estate is done on The Brokerage level as well as the customer level. Check out to learn more. They want you to reach out to us if you were interested in career opportunities. A conversation is all you need to see if we are the right fit for you. There’s no reason to waste any more time before you begin your career.


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The Office Advisors are a division of Sellect Realty of Georgia. Select Realty was founded by a veteran as well as a female. Trusted in the Marietta Community for years. Not only offering residential services but now Commercial Real Estate Services as well. No matter what your needs are we have a team that can service. Call us today. 404-594-3028