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Do I go Alone or hire a Agent


The age old question of “Do I go at it alone or hire a broker?” Trying to find the right Atlanta commercial real estate asset the purchase is a large decision that many of us will never make. But for those that do they understand the risk and steps it takes to go through. However many of us own and probably need to understand because it is a great way to invest your money. Investing in cre is a way to create generational wealth. The Office Advisors can help your Investments strategy regardless of size. Contact us today at 404-594-3028.


Furthermore what are the most important decisions that you need to make as if you were going to go out of the loan or have a licensed realtor. We always suggest that you have someone that is an industry professional and licensed in the state of Georgia. This goes even if you do not choose to work with The Office Advisors. Having a license and experience broker on your side can save you time and money.


Identifying your Goal


One of the first steps in investing or buying in Atlanta commercial real estate is to have a goal on your return. I didn’t find the amount of money that you were trying to get back from your investment is stop one. This is so you know what type of properties you are looking for. Meaning large investment funds even have a number they’re trying to hit. Some people do this on a cash by cash basis. So they’re looking for an exact rate of return on their cash they are putting into the property.


 Furthermore knowing how much you were trying to recoup on your cre asset will help Whittle way in see through the noise. There are many different types of asset classes in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. However The Office Advisors can help you identify whatever type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset you were trying to attain. We never pressure our clients into purchasing an acid just based on a large price. So understanding the type of return you’re willing to receive can help set you up for success with a start.


Looking for Property Listings


Secondly when purchasing your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset you have to find what Market you’re looking in. There are many different Atlanta commercial real estate markets. We have a lot of submarkets and this typically indicates the type of class. Meaning that there are Class A B or C buildings that are available in each market. defining which type of property class you are wanting to invest in can help narrow your search. We use the most up-to-date technology and software in order to identify your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate property.


 There are many different types of Atlanta commercial real estate property listings. The Office Advisors will help identify the right real estate asset for you. We will do the noise and then send you only what we think is going to be within your budget and needs. Understanding our clients goals and price points is key to your success. Moreover it allows us to narrow research resorts in order for you to see the best properties for your fit. 


Do not Buy Based on Emotion


However one thing that we understand is the excitement of buying your first Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. One thing that you have to be aware of is the fact that you should never buy a piece of property based purely On Emotion. He can get excited when seeing the right property in your head. However you need someone on your side that can make a non biased decision.


The Office Advisors will help you make the most informed decision possible about your purchase of an Atlanta commercial real estate property. The best part about having a representative in your corner is that they are typically non-emotional about the property. So it just makes good business sense to have an advisor on your side when searching for the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. This allows you to have a fact-based opinion and keep your emotions in check.


Offering Process


Once you have located the right Atlanta commercial real estate property to buy then the offering process starts. Many times we inform our clients that it is a great idea to have multiple offers out there. We typically send out a letter of intent first and do the negotiating this way that way we are not bound. Having options allows you to be less emotional about the buying process.


 Furthermore this creates competition for the sellers. If you inform their broker that you are also looking at other properties then they know they have to put their best offer as well. The Office Advisors will always try to put our clients in the best possible scenario. Dealing with sellers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market can be tricky. So having a trusted advisor on your side will save you money and headache in the long run. 


Due Diligence Period


Now once a offer is accepted and we are under contract on your Atlanta commercial real estate property then the due diligence. Begins. So during this. This is when we make sure that all the property information is correct. We make sure that everything is structurally sound with you. Typically we advise our clients hire a professional to go through the property and break down all the mechanical and electrical but it’s. This means they make sure that everything is in working order. Or on whatever terms were agreed.




Hopefully the closing happens in this wind the purchase is made. Buying your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. That is always an exciting day. Will you make sure that our clients are in the best possible situation on closing day. We have all the paperwork done signed and everything is checked out on the attorneys in. So the next thing to do is enjoy the cash flow of your investment.


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