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Whenever you become a user of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space you need to think of The Office Advisors. We are Atlanta’s number one commercial real estate brokerage. If you don’t believe us you just need to go to our Google business page and read our reviews. These reviews are from customers and clients just like you. You will quickly see that they love working with us and we love working with them.(404) 594-3028


 Now if you were looking for any type of commercial real estate space The Office Advisors are here to help. Navigating to the Atlanta commercial real estate market can be a time-consuming and arduous Journey. if you do not have correct representation it can cause even more headache for you. We always suggest that having representation in any type of real estate transaction. This is even if you do not choose to work with us.


 Furthermore, in any type of major transaction you should not go at it alone. This is because having industry knowledge and Industry tools at hand set you up better for success. Whatever you were trying to navigate through the Atlanta commercial real estate market there are many different moving parts.Having someone watch your money and your process is key to not be taken advantage of.


Experience where it matters


 The Office Advisors have experience in a wide array of commercial real estate fields. We’ve not only helped general office users. Our Brokers specialize in medical practitioners as well. This means that we help different doctors buy and Lease medical space. You may be well aware that medical space takes a lot of different processes and costs to accomplish. I’ll Brokers understand us and we also have industry professionals to help with the build-out process. Secondly when going through medical space it is important to have your process is set up. This is especially apparent if you have never opened your own practice before. We have relationships with medical Consultants to help you set up your practice from check-in to check-out.


Like many of the current Atlanta residents you may not be from the Georgia area. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different nuances from other major cities. This is because it is a tight-knit community of local brokerages. Our vice president commercial operations is a Georgia native that grew up in the Atlanta suburbs. This gives him inside knowledge that many others do not have. He always has a pulse on the market and understands the different office markets and the nuances that go along with them. Having someone like this on our team is pivotal in finding your right commercial space.


Navigating all the different areas


Likewise understanding the Atlanta commercial real estate market can be confusing. This is because we had many different submarkets. There are the Buckhead Market, Midtown, downtown, Cobb Galleria, Westside and many other different submarkets. This is due to the fact that Atlanta is a booming and bustling Metropolitan City. We have many different types of businesses and feel with Indie submarkets. Understanding the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate submarkets is pivotal to your success. Location is key in order to get your workers and your clientele at your business.


Our Commercial Services


 Now we offer a wide variety of many different Commercial Real Estate Services. We offer property listings. These property listings in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate have to be marketed at the top. This is because there is a lot of competition out there. Atlanta is a hot market for any type of commercial real estate. This means buying, selling multifamily and offices. As well as any other type of development. There’s a lot of mix use development going on in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Arena. We have seen many different types of reuse and repurpose of old buildings in the recent past. We also see any different uses popping up even during this crisis.


Do not go at it alone


 You as a user of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space must have the correct representation. This is so you can set up success from the get-go. Having a broker on your side that understands your needs will help speed up and find the correct location for you. It doesn’t matter if you were buying the property. We can help. Also if you are trying to lease any type of office space medical or industrial as well. The Office Advisors and our team of professionals will make sure that you were set up for success with any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate use.


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 as stated earlier representation is key. If you are still not convinced that you need representation in any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate uses From there you should read on why representation is important in any type of commercial real estate transaction. If you are ready to start your journey in the Atlanta commercial real estate market please contact us today. From our website you can either use the form on the right hand side of our homepage or go to the contact us tab. One of our Brokers will reach out to you in a timely manner to help you with any of your questions needs or assessment. This is a no-cost obligation to you and you can ask any questions.


 You might not be aware that The Office Advisors is a division of another real estate brokerage. Sellect Realty in the Marietta area has been a trusted name in residential real estate. We are a division of this family owned and operated organization. Check out their website at for any of your residential needs.


 If you are a business owner trying to navigate the coronavirus check out our YouTube channel. Our vice president of commercial operation a weekly Mastermind conference. The panel of guests include Mini Atlanta business owners and Industry leaders. They discuss what is happening with the current business climate and discuss strategies on how to adapt.




Now if you were looking for a career in commercial real estate you should contact us as well. We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals. We like you to have some commercial experience but none is required. The key to your financial success begins today with contacting us at 594-3028