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Some of us during these terrible times might not need our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space anymore. The good news is that The Office Advisors are here to help with any of your needs. You can trust us as your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts. The uncertainty of the times we are currently living in means that we have seen an uptick and the lease is broken. Sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad. In this article you can find out some of your options when you need to break your lease. (404-594-3028


Attorneys can save you a lot of money 


 Now one of the first things you need to know is that a lease is a legal document. This means you are liable for any fees or charges that you have signed on to pay. We hope that in the beginning when you sign your lease that you have an attorney look at it. I was looking out for your best interest. Because if you are having to break your lease during this time it might not be great financially for you in the long run. But you should fear that The Office Advisors are here to help with any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease leasing needs.


The Office Advisors are all real estate professionals that are your experts in your Atlanta Commercial leasing needs. You can rest assured that we will have your back during this crisis. Especially when a business needs to break their lease we really feel and understand for you. The good news is that sometimes you have many options and outcomes for your lease.However scary, maybe you should not worry because we watch out for your clients needs.


Most Common Option


First, the frequently used option that we see. That is a sublease option. This means you now become the landlord I have on your property. You will be liable for any payments. Sometimes release allows this and sometimes it does not. However the landlord will typically allow you to sublet the space especially during a crisis. We have seen it up take and subleasing in the recent weeks.


There are a few things that you should understand when you have to sublease your Atlanta commercial real estate space. First you need the permission of the landlord. We can assist in this as we are experts in talking with the landlord. When subleasing your space you now become the landlord or are responsible for collecting rent. You have to do your best job and due diligence in order to lease out the space. You’ll still be responsible for the payment of rent during the time of advertising typically. Furthermore you will still be liable in many cases when a tenant defaults that you fine.


 However our brokers can help sublet any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. We have the best advertising and in any of the Atlanta commercial real estate markets. You’ll Be Wild by our professional photography and customer service approach when subletting your space. We tried to get you the best deal possible so you are not on the hook when you no longer have a business that pays for the rent.


 Secondly however this is not such a good one that we see. And it is a very common occurrence in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. When breaking your lease as we mentioned earlier you were still liable for rent. However this is still true when you break your lease. Depending on what the terms were in your original lease document. Unfortunately what we see is that many clients are still liable for all the rent due left on their term. This can be tens of thousands of dollars especially if you had a long-term lease.


 Moreover the best approaches to come with the landlord with the plan. That’s why we always suggest coming first with a sublease option or at least trying to renegotiate the terms of your lease. So does this mean that you maybe not do not need all the space and maybe you just have to downsize. Maybe you can negotiate the size and rental amount. The office advisor here to help with the rent any of your renegotiation needs. Sometimes we have also seen the landlord give a little bit of forbearance on the rent. All the rent that is due on a long-term lease it’s not fun for anyone especially when you don’t have a business. The officer advisors however see this a lot in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


Releasing you from your lease


The third option in the Atlanta Commercial real estate market is the landlord will actually let you out. This may sound outlandish but sometimes a landlord might actually already have a renter in place. Didn’t see that the landlord is not completely reliant on the income that your face was producing. Properties that they are okay with just letting you go feel like taking route to Space easily. And I said it is a hassle having to go through another party and so that’s why they will just let you out. It’s not something we typically see however it is an option.


Furthermore The Office Advisors are here to help with any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. No matter what type of issue you have with any of your property or that or anything that you least we’re here now. The Office Advisors are number one in Atlanta for a reason. 


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