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Looking for The Number One Company

Now if you’re trying to find the best brokerage around in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field then look no further. The Office Advisors is the Premier Commercial Brokerage in Atlanta. We have the best staff in Friendly is atmosphere. We don’t view you as just another transaction but as a partner in business. You will never be forced or pressured into buying or leasing something you do not want to. Contact The Office Advisors today at 404-594-3028.


 Firstly, we understand that you have many choices when it comes to real estate companies. Especially in the Atlanta metro area. We have hundreds of small boutique real estate companies as well as the largest in the entire world. So if you’re searching for CBRE or jll that we are not the firm for you. The Office Advisors is a small business just like you.


Little by Little Technique


 Furthermore our step-by-step approach and client facing model set us apart. The Office Advisors is focused on a client customer relationship. Now many of you may have had experiences with other real estate firms. here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market they do things simile. However not here. You will quickly realize that we are not like the large firms. We love working with small clients even when the larger guys won’t give them the time of day.


 Being the best brokerage around the Atlanta commercial real estate market is hard. We just have to put you first. This seems like an odd thing to be discussing, but it is often overlooked by the larger companies. Did you know that they typically don’t even want to waste their time if you were only leasing 5000 square feet. Or if you’re buying something less than a million dollars they feel like it’s not worth the effort. We see this as a shame to the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate perception.


The Size of Your Company Doesn’t Matter


 Now you will never feel like we are too big or too busy to help you. From the first time you contact us you will understand that we are clients first. We love talking with our customers and clients to give us a call today. Consultations are always free and no obligation to work with us. However we do suggest that you do have representation when going through any type of Atlanta commercial real estate transaction.


 The best part about working with her brokerage is that you will have access to all the same tools that the larger companies do. The dirty little secret about the commercial real estate landscape is that we all share information. Even the small guys have access to the same data and listings. We do have to pay for this, but that is what will protect our industry. Moreover r if you are a business trying to lease Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space we have access to off market properties as well. This is because we have an expansive broker Network and are well-liked within our own community.

Best  in Advertising


Furthermore on the way we Market our Atlanta commercial real estate properties. This service is one of our favorites. It allows for the creative juices to get flowing and the best way to sell or lease your commercial real estate space. We have the greatest photographers we work with as well as a marketing team. We not only just take photos and throw your listing on a website we do so much more. It’s the best part about working with The Office Advisors is we bring joy even to our marketing. Check out some of our listings and you’ll see why. We also do SEO optimization on all the listings so anyone just Googling for a space in the area we try to make ours pop up. The best and easiest way to make your property seller least fastest is good marketing.


 Now we always try to show our listing properties in the best light. The Office Advisors has the best Atlanta Commercial Real Estate marketing bar none. We take pride in every bit of our work and it shows through on all of our clients.


 So if you were still not convinced that we are the best brokerage in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate then check out the reviews for yourself. If you visit our website you can read all of our customers and clients like you. Also you can check out our Google business page just search the term The Office Advisors.


Real Estate Services


 Now we talked about calling The Office Advisors the best brokerage. What you need to do is go to our website and fill out a form on how we can help you. Or just check out all the different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate products and services we offer. I am sure that even if you are a first-time investor we can help you achieve your goal. Size of your company or pocketbook does not matter to us.

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

 We want to connect


 Making it easy for customers and clients to get in contact with us as a goal. So you can visit our website and fill out a form and one of our Brokers will reach out to. You can also call us at any time. The website has two different places in order  for you to reach us. Call us anytime at 404-594-3028




 The Office advisors vice president commercial operations Reid Moore holds a weekly Mastermind meaning. These masterminds are a group of individuals of business owners and Industry leaders around the Atlanta metro area. Not just in commercial real estate but many different aspects of business. So if you’re looking for strategies and Waze to navigate our current environment check it out on our Blog as well.


Residential Help


 You might not be aware but the office if I just come from a family of brokerage. Our parent brokerage is Sellect Realty in Marietta Georgia. A trusted name in residential real estate for years. So no matter what type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate or residential real estate Services we’re here to help.




Want to learn more, but do not want to read? Listen here as our VP is interview by one of the top leaders in business in the world.