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 when it comes to a brokerage and the Atlanta commercial real estate market we can truly offer you the best service. It’s because we always have your bag at every turn of the commercial transaction. We are here when you  need us and we are always ready to serve. The Office Advisors are Atlanta’s commercial real estate Premier brokerage. we are here to serve you and you can always count on us and this is because without you or business serves no purpose to operate. 404-594-3028


 Now whenever you are working with an office advisors broker just now that we have the best team in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.We pride ourselves on having the best and most professional Brokers around the Atlanta area. This is because we keep all of our Brokers to the highest standards. They all have to be licensed as a realtor in the state of Georgia. You’ll quickly see that they are knowledgeable about what is currently happening around the market.  also you will quickly realize that they know how to handle any situation. Our Brokers are constantly doing extra education on top of what they already know.


You are not just a commission check


 Whenever you use The Office Advisors for any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs rest assured that we are not out there just for a commission check. We exist to help you the client with whatever your commercial usage is.The commission that we Collide this for our service we believe that we should be compensated according to the amount of work and service we provide our clients. This is why we are constantly striving to do a better job for you and we put service at the top of our list when operating in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Furthermore we can save our clients money in any of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate transactions. This is because we are not only industry professionals and negotiating experts. one thing that you need to understand is that having industry knowledge can save you time and money in the long run. When you have representation from an industry professional they understand how the market, and transactions work. Understanding the inner workings of every transaction can help save you money because there’s always something it left on the table when you do it yourself.


Saving money is a priority


 Again we know saving money is one of your top priorities as a business. We at The Office Advisors understand this just as much as you as a business owner does. Whenever you are trying to start or run a business the amount of money that you spend on your lease can make or break your Revenue. You will quickly realize that working with one of the office advisor brokers can save you a lot of headache and time as well. They understand the lease process and know when a landlord is willing to give you more money towards a build-out.


 Now having a broker can also save you time. This is because searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate through the countless websites and listings can be very time-consuming. We do this so you do not have to. Our Brokers once you retain us will compile a site list of properties that match or exceed your needs. We will not start the process by looking for property but first we sit down with you to understand your goals and Visions for your company. What needs go into leasing a space and how your employees and you will be affected by it.


The step 1 of the Process


 Moreover doing an evaluation first will put everybody on the same page. This also saves time in the long run from trying to sift through countless Atlanta commercial real estate properties that might not match your needs.We free up your time when searching for Atlanta commercial real estate property so you can do what you do best, run your business. You as a business owner or manager this is the best use of your time. Let us free Wild by taking the burden of searching for Atlanta commercial real estate properties off of your shoulders.


I know you might be wondering what it cost for this type of service. Well if you are a tenant AKA someone who is leasing space in the landlord. there’s some great news for you. We do not charge our tenant clients any type of commission. Yes that is free. We will do this service absolutely free as a cause as no cost to our tenant clients. This is because the landlord already has the commission built into its cost of doing business. He has a representative that he is paying to Market and tries to bring into the space. We as a broker on other than the transaction are compensated by the landlord for bringing you the client to lease space.


Choosing us to work with is smart

We understand that you have many options when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. The good thing is that you will definitely choose to work with us even if you interview other brokerages. This is because we bring something different to the table. The Office Advisors were  created to be a market disruptor in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. Make sure that we are a 100% client-facing Ford Model that treats each client as our own. We don’t want to say no to anybody and will help even the smallest of businesses find a way to negotiate their space. We felt that the industry had gotten proud of itself and comfortable. So the officer visors was founded on the principles of using technology to better acquire and use any type of Atlanta commercial real estate property.


You’re still not a hundred percent sure that you should be working with us. What you need to do first is go to our website at The homepage makes it very simple for you to get in contact with us. However we actually have two other ways to get in contact with us. There’s a tab and as well as our phone number. You can fill out one of the two forms and one of our Brokers will get back with you in the fastest amount of time possible. We want to make sure that your expectations are met or exceeded at all points of the Atlanta commercial real estate transaction. All you have to do is start today.


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 just visit her home page and you can fill out one of the two forms to get in contact with us. Our service is very easy to use and is no obligation at all. Just call or contact us page and you will quickly be reached out to in order to have your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs met.



 Now if you’re a business owner operator in the Atlanta area then you should check out our YouTube channel. Even if you are not in the Atlanta area is a great wealth of information and knowledge on operating or running a business. Our vice president commercial operations Reid Moore and held a weekly Mastermind meeting with industry leaders and business owners. They discuss strategies and pitfalls of running a business in operating in the times that we are.


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The Office Advisors is part of a family network of real estate brokerages. Sellect Realty can help you with any of your residential real estate needs. Just visit them today. 404-594-3028