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Our Listing process 


Trying to find Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company that really pushes their marketing to your expectations is tough to find. Here at The Office Advisors we understand that your property needs to stand out amongst all the other Atlanta commercial real estate properties. Making sure that your listing stands out with all its competition as what we are experts in. Advertising is how we can stand out amongst the crowd. Check out our website or contact us today at 404-594-3028


 Now if you were trying to interview Atlanta commercial real estate brokers for the listing services are a few things you need to make sure of. Make sure that they use professional photography and what actually uploads your listing to the major sites. Just putting a photo and a sign out front is not necessarily doing Justice for the commission check. We always make sure that we go above and beyond on all our listings. Your investment property will only stand out if it is properly advertised. 


We do it differently


Firstly hear The Office Advisors we make sure that we do everything slightly different and better than our competition. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is fraught with competition for many different types of asset classes. We will treat your piece of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate the same no matter what the price point. We give the same amount of attention to detail and professionalism to a multimillion-dollar property as one that is worth only a few thousand dollars. Many of the larger firms will not give you the time of day if you have a small parcel or a piece of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate that is less than a few hundred thousand dollars. That is why we stand out differently here at The Office Advisors.


  Furthermore, our advertising is always professionally done. If you  Look Around the World Wide Web on websites such as and  it doesn’t take long to realize that there’s a lot of half done listings. We see this as a disservice to many of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate clientele. I am sure you are aware that commissions can reach in the tens of thousands on large assets. But the amount of advertising effort that goes into them by the other Atlanta commercial real estate brokers is abysmal.


Making sure the info Is Right


Moreover the property is barely even correctly advertised. This is a horrible way to treat a client’s assets. Especially one that is worth a thousand thousand dollars. Possibly even millions of dollars and many of the higher class Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets. The Office Advisors always take professional photos as well as as much property information as possible. When we are getting through the listing process we make sure to take as many notes as possible as well as fill out every single detail that we can.


Likewise, many of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage competition does not care. They only hunt whales and don’t give a smaller owner the time of day. Generally the larger companies tend to not have their Brokers waste time on smaller Deals. They brush them off and send them to maybe a referral source. We treat you no matter how much money is going to make us. Keeping our clients happy with the same service no matter how much the commission is what we pride ourselves on.


Setting Needs Upfront


 Beginning with the initial consultation we always make sure your needs are met up front. We don’t want any surprises for you so we always line out a step-by-step approach. However we can only help as much information as you had. Making sure you have all the information on hand will help us. This is because buyers want as much information as possible when trying to purchase an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. The Office Advisors are experts in helping clients sell as well as by assets of all classes.


Deciding on Hiring Us


Now you may not be completely certain that you went to work with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets. Our advertising and listing services are better than all the rest in the city. We Stand by the fact that we treat every client the same no matter how big or small. So if you were still not convinced then you need to check out her website and see all the services that we offer. Our partners in the industry can help you with all the other tasks that go along with your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate news.


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  The Office Advisors makes it simple and easy to get in contact with us. All you have to do is visit our website. From the homepage you can fill out a form on the right hand side of the page and one of our Brokers will get in contact with you immediately. There’s also a contact us tab that serves the same purpose. If you do not want to use the internet because you’re old call us at 404-594-3028.


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 I’m sure you’re just like us and you can’t get enough of the Atlanta commercial real estate information. So you might want to check out our YouTube channel. Our vice president of commercial operations, Reid Moore, holds the weekly Mastermind meeting. These Round Table discussions are with Business Leaders and Industry professionals from around the metro area. They discuss business strategies and different industry perspectives.


Wanting to learn more about tenant representation you can check out at this podcast here.


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 No matter what type of real estate needs you have The Office Advisors in the select family can help. Sellect Realty has been a trusted name in Marietta for years.