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Looking for a CRE Brokerage


Trying to find the right commercial real estate Brokerage in Atlanta can be difficult. This is especially difficult when you were a new buyer or seller in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Furthermore, there are many brokerages in organizations to choose from. Some of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms are located here in Atlanta. They have some of their Branch offices in the city center. Some of these massive cre firms are so expensive they might not give you the time of day depending on your side’s. Searching for the right company to work with just got easier. The Office Advisors are Atlanta’s number one commercial real estate company. Call us today 404-594-3028.


Now unless you already have a relationship with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate representative then you’re probably using Google. All of us we’re almost all of us using Google for all of our search queries. The Office Advisors can be easily found by a quick keyword search. You can also use the map tool to search for us. Find our five star reviews from clients just like you. 


Interviewing A Few


Once you have searched around the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate State landscape and figured out a few companies you might want to work with, start interviewing. Your Journeys in purchasing or leasing a commercial asset should not be a quick decision. Making sure that your representative you have chosen to work with has your best interests and needs in mind. There are many large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms two to choose from. They offer pretty much the same Services as we do. The main question for you is finding the right broker that aligns with your needs and goals.


 Furthermore we always suggest to our clients that they interview a few different brokers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market to work with. The Office Advisors or the best to work with, even if you choose to work with someone else. We always suggest that you should have representation whenever trying to purchase a lease for sale in Atlanta commercial real estate property. Making sure that you have conversations with multiple Brokers will ensure that you have found the right one for you. You have a choice of different size and capability in agents. Moreover , Service delivery is what is going to be important to you.


Ask if they Have a Minimum Commission


Likewise you want to be able to understand how much you were going to be coming out of pocket when retaining an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker. There are many different ways that a real estate professional gets paid. You want to make sure from the onset that you understand who you were hiring and how they are compensated. Here at The Office Advisors we discuss all of these things up front. There is never a minimum for our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services. Also no matter what the size of your organization or you personally or trying to undertake The Office Advisors can help. 


Subsequently when you are retaining the services of a broker you have to have the hard conversation about payment. Some of the Atlanta commercial real estate companies require a fee minimum for their Brokers to perform their duties. Here at The Office Advisors we will never charge you a minimum. This is because we understand as a small business or a small operator every penny counts. The larger cre firms in Atlanta do not like working with a small organization. They feel that they are only well hunters and that they are better than working with a small person. We feel this is a major disservice to the small business owners of America. No matter what size of your company or purchasing power we are here to assist you.


Why We are Different 


Now it is easy to see that The Office Advisors is going to be the best choice for any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. Our Founders wanted to be the driving force behind a change in the commercial real estate field. We saw a need for a more transparent and client-facing model. This is why we founded The Office Advisors. We wanted to be the fastest and most agile commercial real estate company in Atlanta. Making sure that our clients are taken care of before our own needs are met is what our foundation is built on.


 Furthermore when working with The Office Advisors you will see that you are not treated as just another transaction. All of our clients we treat as family. There is never a fee minimum for our Commercial Real Estate Services here in Atlanta. Making sure that our customers and clients are taken care of financially is what we are here to do. If you were using us as a buying side representative, or a leasing side representative we are free to you. Now that means that no fee is ever charged directly to you as a tenant or a commercial real estate buyer.


Team Building


 Being successful in your new Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space or selling your older space Is not a job done by one individual. This is why power Brokers are constantly working with other industry Professionals in order to build great relationships. We want you set up for Success just as much as you want to be set up for Success. This is why we make it easy for all of our clients to Source all of the different industry services and products they might need.


 Now creating a great team around you is what we do best. Our Brokers gather all the needed information as well as can assemble a team. The Partnerships that we have formed with other industry professionals will make sure that you are set up for Success from the get-go. The Office Advisors are here to successfully transact any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate property. We want you as a business owner or operator to have all of our tools at your disposal.


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How to Hire Us

 The Office Advisors are very simple to reach. You can visit our website and fill out a form Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs you have. Filling out one of the contact us  forms on our website is a great way to reach out to you. The Office Advisors can always be reached at 404-594-3028


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