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Have you started searching for the best brokerage and Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and came up empty? This is understandable because there are many different firms to work with. As well as the fact that not all Atlanta commercial real estate companies are created equal. However The Office Advisors are your number one choice for all things Atlanta Commercial Real estate-related. You can visit our website to learn more at HTTPS:// Or you can call our number at 404-594-3028.


 Now trying to find the right and best Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage is a task. However we make it easy and simple to work with us. We know where the best and all things are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, because we are constantly striving to change the way things are done. Furthermore the way the old companies do it is sluggish as well as unfriendly to new users. We saw a need in the Atlanta commercial real estate market, and have filled it. There was a need for a new one that is agile and understands technology. Small businesses of Atlanta need a partner and Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. You can check out reviews as well to understand the fact that we are the best ones in town.


What Makes Us Contrasting 

Starting off I am sure that  must be wondering what makes us contrasting to the other firms?  The Office Advisors are different than all Atlanta commercial real estate brokers just for a few different reasons. Not only is it the fact that we are agile, technology-driven and client-focused. The company is founded on the aspect of helping the client first.  Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has been traditionally more for the larger institutions. However The Office Advisors are changing this. We have set out to be upfront with our clients, as well as focus on a small business aspect.

However this does not mean that we are unequipped to work with even the largest of Industries. Here at The Office Advisors we are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. We have systems in place that ensure quality at every step. Furthermore we only have a team of top not Brokers. So when you choose to work with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs comedy you can rest easy. Knowing that you are in good hands and will not be tugged in different directions.


Our Hiring Process 

 Starting off with our hiring procedure is the reason for our expertise. Some of the things we do are polarizing but that is because we only want the top players in real estate. So when we are hiring, we hire for productivity and attitude. Creating a team of individuals that are constantly striving to do better in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. They must have a customer service attitude, but a drive to negotiate as well. Understandably so this takes time on our end. However in the long run it is much better for our clients. Subsequently the way we are holding interviews is a polarizing effort in itself. Unlike the past ways of Atlanta commercial real estate brokers hiring.

The Office Advisors are constantly holding  group interviews. This may seem weird and kind of like a golf at type process. However we find that it is a great way to weed out the weak quickly. We are efficiency experts as we said. So if you waste your time reading resumes all day just to hold separate hour-long interviews. This does not show well for efficiency. We hold our group interviews as an order to Showcase of fact that we practice what we preach.


Creating tension on purpose


 Furthermore, holding this type of interview is a way to constantly create a slight sense of tension. This is of course done on purpose when trying to create productivity. Striving to have the top brokers in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate we want them to know that they must be taught to stay. Understandably said this is not for everybody. That is why our team is the top of the best for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage.


Our Company Structure 

Traditionally speaking the brokerages have an old type of model. Their business model is slow and costs a lot of money to run. However The Office  Advisors are shaking up how a company  is structured. Moreover a new model is needed to create more efficiencies in procedures. So we set out to take the best from both ends of Real Estate. Meaning a good side of residential with the professionalism of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


 Now our construction of the firm created a sense of team. This does not mean that you will be bounced from broker to broker, however it means that there’s many people that can help and step in at any time. Brokers are encouraged to work with the other at all terms of a transaction. However it is a broken handle situation on its own it is better for them to do it. Understandably so The Office Advisors are constantly marketing to help our Brokers gain more exposure. When a broker is not worried about where his next deal will come from they are more apt to be able to focus on customer service aspects. 


Advertising Efforts

Furthermore the way we are marketing is constantly pushing the envelope. This is because Atlanta Commercial Real Estate traditionally has done the same thing over and over again. However The Office Advisors are pushing the use of technology in photography in order to advertise your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. The Office Advisors not only marketing constantly for lead generation. We are using every effort to sell or lease a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate building.


Helping Small Business 

Now another reason that The Office Advisors was originally founded is to help small businesses. Our Founders saw a need in the marketplace that was unfulfilled by the larger brokerages. We thought there was a major disservice to the small business industry here in America. So we set out to change that. We love focusing on the fact that small businesses need Atlanta Commercial Real Estate advice. We help our small business industry, because we are a small business.


What it Cost to Work With Us

 Unlike the traditional firms you might work with we are we are up front with our cost. If you are retaining our services for a tenant representation or a buying site transaction. The Office Advisors will not charge you a fee. However a traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage might even require a retainer fee or a minimum Commission. Creating a massive disconnect between a small business and the firm. The Office Advisors will never charge you a fee because we understand as a small-business every penny counts. This will not help a new business by charging when trying to get set up. So we have set out to even do the work for free and we understand that in the long run it’ll pay off.

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Now if you’re still not convinced that you should work with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta commercial real estate needs.  check out our website to learn more. You can also read our Google reviews from real customers and clients like you. Visit our website where you can fill out a form and one of our “A” player Brokers will be in touch with you shortly. Always reachable you can contact us at 404-594-3028.


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