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If you were in the market for industrial leasing contact us. The Office Advisors are an extremely highly rated Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. Our Brokers understand each commercial asset class. Making sure that we are experts and professionals whichever type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset were working on. Check out our website to learn more about us. The team here at The Office Advisors is extraordinary. Making sure that our client’s needs are met first. You will never have a better experience than when you hire us. Highly rated for a reason. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts.


 Now if you have never worked with an Atlanta commercial real estate broker before then your luck. The Office Advisors are your number one choice for a reason. We have set out to change how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. Not only for the client but all Brokers as well. Making sure that the experience is smooth and highly communicative throughout. This is important for success. Traditionally Brokers will leave each other hanging in clients wondering. However, when you work with us this will not be the case. Power Brokers are expertly trained in negotiations and communication. We hire only the best and brightest in order to serve our clients.

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 The easiest way to find out if we are legit is to check out our Google business page listing. Here you can not only find out where we are located but read reviews as well. These reviews are from clients and customers just like you. We even urge you to reach out to them individually. Making sure that we put our reputation on the line. Loving to help small businesses and large companies alike. The service never flounders when you’re working with The Office Advisors. To begin your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction contact us today.


Taking the time to Understand the Product

Firstly our Brokers understand eat Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset class. They take the necessary time and precautions to study the market. Knowing what else is out there in order to get you the best deal possible. Your broker will be protecting your money as if it is their own. The Office Advisors are trained in customer service and industry knowledge. We want to give you the most pleasurable experience possible. As well as provide you with the best information for you to make the decision.


 However, with a changing world, The Office Advisors are right along with them. We push technology and speed. In order to keep up with the fast-paced time. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Constantly utilizing technology and battering are processes. We have created a smooth system from beginning to close.


Georgia Industrial status

Curly industrial Leasing and special buildings are on the rise. Since the beginning of 2020 we have seen a rise in e-commerce. Creating a large demand for industrial space. However, Georgia was already poised in a good position with a large motor product. We have not seen a decline in industrial leasing since the onset of the pandemic. Actually quite the contrary. Rising leasing volume has continued throughout the third quarter.


 Now a rising demand for industrial space is had the expected impact. Asking rates from landlords have steadily increased as well. Even though the supply is dwindling. new opportunities are on the horizon as well. Not only mixed-use developments but traditional means as well.


As recently discussed in an article from the Atlanta Business Journal. Discussing how the rise in e-commerce demand has created a boom. The industrial market in Atlanta and around Georgia is increasing exponentially. You can read more about it here.


What about New Buildings?

 Now if you paid attention to the news you would think that no construction is happening. However, it is quite the contrary here in the state of Georgia. With millions of square feet of speculative industrial buildings underway. The market demand and Supply are probably coming to ahead. Even with the massively increased need. Industrial space in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has not met its leveling off point. Today it seems as if every firm is building an industrial building. Like all things, only time will tell how this is going to be affected. Subsequently, rent growth should start to level off with the increase in Supply.


Emerging Markets

Lastly, there is always a finite amount of land. Especially when you’re speaking about Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. With a well-aged city and sprawling suburban area, Atlanta has extended herself. There has been an increase in demand as previously discussed. Not only for industrial construction but many other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Bassett as well. These new constructions need land in areas to grow.

Now with the increased need for new construction new markets have been created. Traditionally sleepy towns are now bustling with activity. Not only from industrial type product. The increase in jobs has been created retail growth and multi-family needs as well.

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