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Now if you were searching for an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage to work with then you have found the right one at The Office Advisors. With many options in the Atlanta area we know that we are number one for a multitude of reasons. You have your choice of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages but we are the best. We are number one for reason and all you have to do is contact us to find out why. Visit our  website at  or call us today at 404-594-3028.


 Trying to find the right agents to work with Atlanta commercial real estate market can be cumbersome. If there is a plethora to choose from. How do you know what you’re getting when you hire a broker. You must make sure that Your vision is aligned with their service. What we mean is that making sure that the broker has your interest in mind. Many people do not understand that a landlord pays a broker the fee. Or an owner in the state of Georgia typically pays the commission of a sale of a property. This means that the higher the sell the more commission a broker typically makes.


We have your back


 Furthermore you must make sure that they are having your interest in mind. Like I just discussed that the landlord or the owner pays commission. So the broker actually has more incentive to push for a higher price on sale or lease term. Trying to navigate and understand that a broker has your bag can be Troublesome. The Office Advisors understand this and we will never charge our clients. Atlanta commercial real estate market has many Brokers that will do Shady things. We are number one and the best for a reason. Always keeping your interest in mind in our clients dollar protected.


Moreover we love working with small businesses. The Office Advisors is a small business as well. We understand each other and that’s all we like working with you. When it comes to the purchase of a commercial building or the lease of a commercial space every dollar counts. We negotiate like the money is ours. When interviewing Brokers around the Atlanta commercial real estate market you need to make sure that they have a good track record. Is very hard to do this, but use your best judgment. Typically the larger firms do not like working with anything less than 5000 square feet.


Looking out for the little company owners


 However at The Office Advisors we think this is a huge  disservice for the small business owners of America. You need representation just as much as a large corporation does. You may not have a Litany of attorneys on your side but you will have The Office Advisors with you. First we always have our clients interests in mind. This is why if you are a tenant we will never charge you a fee. We want to make sure that you are set up for Success so maybe down the Run we can be of more service.


 Rest assured that the office of visors are the best in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate advisory services. Another important factor when searching for a broker is to understand the payment structure. As we said earlier the landlord pays the commission so you have to make sure that your broker is looking out for you. They have conversations you know they’re not supposed to typically with the other broker. Is okay to communicate and try to get a deal done but is not okay to give up information about our clients. We see this time and time again with my job done. Your small business is our number one priority. This goes for even our large corporations that we service.


The Vastness of your Organization does not Matter


 It doesn’t matter the size of your company we have the capacity to help you. This is because we love working with small businesses that are able to handle the largest project. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate building Fasteners plenty of opportunity for everyone. We are trying to systemize it to make it easier for our clients. So why don’t you check out our website and all the other services we have to offer.


Likewise many small businesses do not even know that our services are available. If you are a small business owner in the Atlanta area we love to help you find the right commercial real estate space. so tell your friends in other business acquaintances what we have to offer. If you have any questions you can always reach out to us. Our conversations are always confidential and we will never force you to work with us.


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 You have no reason to hesitate and reach out to us. Our friendly staff loves helping business owners find the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate location. With experience like no other our local agents and Brokers love assisting you. All you have to do is call us at 404-594-3028. You can visit our website as well and fill out a contact us form on one of two pages. We make our website very easy to navigate and hopefully you think so too. A broken will reach out to you as soon as we receive your information. The best part about working with us at the conversation is free and no obligation.


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 Trying to find new strategies in business? Maybe you were an industry leader and found yourself lost in this time of lock down. Well maybe you should check out our YouTube channel. Our vice president commercial operations Reid Moore Jose weekly Mastermind meeting. On this Mastermind there are industry leaders in business owners from around the Atlanta metro area. They discuss topics and strategies on how to better grow and expand their fields. Check us out on YouTube and like And subscribe today.




 If you can’t get enough of us then you can also check out a podcast that our vice president was on as well. The Thrive time show is an  iTunes number one in business podcast. Check them out to the interview and where you can learn more about tenant representation at The Office Advisors.


Residential Family


Sellect Realty Located in Marietta Georgia has been a trusted name in residential real estate for years. They are our parent brokerage for The Office Advisors.So no matter what your real estate needs for the Atlanta or Marietta Metro markets we are here to assist you.