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Choosing who to Hire

Starting off your Atlanta commercial real estate journey correctly means working with The Office Advisors. The Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts. No matter what your needs are we can handle them. Specializing in any and every type of office leasing and investments. The brokers here are ready to take on any challenge. Check out our website on the world wide web to learn more. Visit to begin your assessment today!


Now, if you have never worked with a broker that was representing your interests then we are the right firm for you. Starting out, if you have leased space before and were unrepresented, then I have a secret for you. The broker that was “helping” you do not have your interest in mind. See they are actually working for the landlord. Their job is to get the most rent out of you possible. This is why having a broker on your side just makes good business sense. Contact one of our brokers today! On our home page you can fill out a form and on of our awesome Advisors will reach out to you.


Are New Renters Moving in?

However, there is still not a large amount of office leases being signed. It is still yet to be seen how the pandemic will backpack the office Market. fortunately, new projects are still being built getting ready for Office Space. The current Atlanta commercial real estate market has new developments that are using creative ways of development.


 Furthermore, new leases are still being signed in Office Buildings. However, the large credit tenants are still staying put at the moment. With the Fallout uncertain of the 2020 pandemic. large companies are still figuring out their need and employee counts. For the time being Lisa’s are pretty stagnant across the board. Even though the Atlanta commercial real estate market is strong. The office sector has been hit the hardest.


Unfortunately, there are many negatives to the Atlanta commercial office market. Currently, the amount of sublease space is available is staggering. The city has never seen this amount of subleased space being marketed. You can check out more on this AJC article


Creative Solutions

Now with developers trying to figure out how to utilize space. The concept of open-air creative offices is emerging. There was a strong leasing demand in Nashville Tennessee for a new type of office. With open-air breezeways and green spaces. Office developments are being coupled with retail and some multi-family housing as well. However, the appeal for breezeways with direct tenant access is emerging as a great concept. With as little amount of enclosed space as possible, the open-air ways are a great solution.


 Furthermore, if you were looking for a broker who is just as creative then you found the right one. The Office Advisors is the most creative at Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. Each broker here isn’t a player. You can rest assured that we will find the right solution for you. Beginning of your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction to the end. Having a broker on your side will help ensure that our success.


Our City’s New Construction

Subsequently, the pandemic of 20/20 has created a need for new Office Solutions. With developers looking around the country for inspiration. some of the developers that have office slated or having to redesign. Fortunately for them, there is an emerging trend.  As previously discussed in this article the open breezeway and green space offices are sought after by new tenants. With a need for extra space in clean air this product is emerging as a winner. 


formerly Atlanta paper companies site has been under contract since 2018. The developer was already planning to do a similar construction. However, with dependent make this year in Rising concerns for health and safety. They are poised to be a successful new development. Formally creating a site in Nashville. The same company has partnered with an Atlanta-based developer to replicate. The success of these products will be dependent upon the tenants once. In contrast to previous development endeavors.


Having Representation 

Tenants will need to be wary of these new developments as well. 2020 has seen a rise in construction cost as well as longer lead times.  All this means that the development has cost more than previously expected. Price and rent to cover these increase expenses. Making sure that you have a broker that is looking out for your needs is important. Contact The Office Advisors today for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. Always looking out for a client’s needs and not just our commission checks. 


 Subsequently, it is very important to have a broker that understands your need. You want them to be able to protect your money and make sure that you were in the right location. If health and safety is your priority then you come to the right place. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency expert. We make sure that you do not go into an agreement without all the proper information first. 

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