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We Know How to Find Apartments 

Trying to get a pulse on the future of commercial asset investing is difficult at this time. However, The Office Advisors are paying attention to what is happening in the marketplace. As for the multifamily sector which was hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic, now seems to be picking up. There has been a large Metro Atlanta area recently. Investment funds purchasing these apartments are making moves while others sit on the sidelines. The Office Advisors are here helping our clients find off-market deals as well as a well-listed set. The systematic approach that we use is helping investors in funds alike.


 Furthermore, when working with us you can rest assured that we will find the best deal possible. Through our methods and systems, we are able to locate and identify great investment properties. Some investors are scared to make moves because of the unknown of not only the pandemic but as well as the election. Each Party candidate is vastly different. Thus the outcome will have significant economic effects. Regardless multifamily investors seem to think it’s going to be a smart play for them.


The Best in the Industry

Now if you have never worked with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company before then you’re in luck. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts to me we are so highly rated by our customers and clients for this reason. Starting out with our consultation process and use of Technology. We Stand Out from our competition. Go visit our website to learn more about all the other services we offer.


 More overall reviews speak for themselves. We are a results-oriented team that never pressures our clients. With the multifamily sector heating up Brokers are anxious to close deals. However, when you work with us you will never be pressured into purchasing any asset. The multifamily in the apartment industry seems poised for even a stronger push to come the next year. The Brokers that you will be working with is an apartment and multifamily specialist. Our team of Representatives wasn’t hard on your behalf. If you like binding the best deal possible with the least amount of headache give us a call.


At The Beginning of the Pandemic

 Starting off but at the beginning of the year, 2020 things were booming. However, as we all know the pandemic started and our economy came to a halt. And so did many multifamily investment funds. They were scared and wanted to sit back on the sidelines and see what was happening. However, this is not the case for all of the investment groups out there. Some of them made Moves as well as Saul transactions that were already under contract. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry was fortunate enough to be a part of many of these transactions.


What does the landscape of Apartments look like now?

Currently, the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate multifamily sector is on the rise. With many different large transactions closing recently. The Office Advisors are keeping a pulse on all of the major investment opportunities for apartments. However, every investor seems extremely interested in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. And not just the city but all of the surrounding Metro some markets as well. The suburbs have become an attractive area for a watt of these funds. Subsequently, so due to the current climate we are facing. With upheaval and riots within inner cities, there has been a mass exodus of people leaving for the suburbs. Which has now created a need for more renters in these areas.


Check out this NY Times piece on what some investors are doing about not diversifying. 


Georgia is Attractive to Multifamily Funds

Georgia as a whole has always been a lucrative area for Investment companies. Especially when it comes to multifamily in the apartment sector. This is due to many factors but it boils down to income versus taxes. We have a low tax rate in the state. Conversely an educated Workforce. Which increases the asking rent on multi-family properties. Due to the fact that being higher educated typically makes more money. 


The Atlanta commercial real estate market loves developing apartment assets.  With land being extremely expensive right now even in previously decrepit areas. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has still seen a major increase in development. Our city is in great shape economically and vibrant culture here is booming. With higher-paying jobs and lower taxes. D developments are a mix of strictly living and mixed-use sites. No matter what product type you have it is probably being built in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Arena.


Major Purchases Around Atlanta 

In quarter 2 and in quarter 3 we have started setting up takes in purchases in apartments. Especially around the suburbs of hundreds of millions of dollars have recently happened. Last week there was a purchase for a hundred eighty million dollars on a Midtown property. Which comes to around $526,000 per unit. As well as the suburbs in the Atlanta commercial real estate market have seen what large purchases of over two hundred million dollars. The virus did not seem to slow down these funds as many of them have increased volume and during the pandemic.  

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