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Hiring a Team that Knows Apartments

 Recently, our team at The Office Advisors has been getting calls about investing in multifamily. if you look around the Atlanta commercial real estate market there are many different real estate broker droppings. Why not choose the highest rated? The Office Advisors is a team of professionals that understands the multifamily market. We have individuals on our team that are highly qualified analyst.  With experience in the private-equity world analyzing countless deals.  so if you were looking to hire the best and Atlanta Commercial Real Estate look no further. While you were searching Around the World Wide Web you should go to our website. And learn more about all of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services we offer. I R Us to get the job done quicker.


 Furthermore, the team at The Office Advisors is extremely qualified. Every broker has an active Georgia real estate license. They are experts in their field. Do not go with just any Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company. The Office Advisors is the best choice.


Why this Asset Class?

Now, you might be wondering, why is multifamily asset investing so popular? Well is because there’s always a growing number of renters. With new people coming and the prices of homes increasing. Many areas are seeing increased demand for apartments. Not only Apartments but townhomes and single-family residences as well. Do you renting the population I seen an increase over the years? 


 As long as there’s strong demand for the multifamily asset class. And there will be developers and investors. With high demand, they can charge it ever-increasing rent. Creating a great investment. the Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different opportunities. With all different portfolio sizes. No matter how large or small your investment needs are. The Office Advisors are here to help. We make sure our clients are treated like family. Never forcing you or pushing you in a direction to buy. There’s no obligation to purchase an asset when working with us. We make sure that it is the right decision for you.


Atlanta ranks high on move-ins

Subsequently, the Atlanta commercial real estate market is strong for renters. The year-over-year basis in Atlanta has done well for absorption rates. Nationally ranking third in Metro markets. The only two markets that outranked Atlanta on absorption what is Houston and Dallas Fort Worth. Making the Atlanta commercial real estate  Apartment investing market a strong contender for investors.


 Why does Atlanta rank so high?

 The Atlanta apartment absorption is record-breaking. A large number of investors and gurus alike thought that there might be a falling out. With the 2020 pandemic and loss of jobs. However, the demand and Atlanta Commercial Real Estate can be attributed to our diverse economy. We have a great amount of well-paying jobs. As well as diverse jobs. These were hit hard at the beginning of 2020. However, we have regained over 75% of the jobs originally lost this year. 


 looking ahead the market in Atlanta for residential real estate is still on fire. With historically low inventory and the increased price of homes. The trend for renting seems to continue. With individuals who are new to the state and unable to afford a home at the moment. It looks like renting will be their only option. As well as younger generations who might not have the ability to afford a starter home.


 Although money may be cheap at the moment. Mortgage rates with historic unheard-of rates. However, the increase in asking prices on single-family residences is up 6%. Creating a bidding war on many properties. These bidding wars our pricing many first-time homebuyers out. Creating more demand next year for multifamily rents.


The effects of Demand

Now with an increased need in for apartments, investment asking prices have gone up. The Atlanta area has seen record-breaking sale prices. Large firms have sold much of their inventory on a record-breaking basis. Radko has recently acquired a property in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate arena. The Atlanta Commercial apartment community sold for 71.25 million. Is a garden Style development. Built in 1987. the deal works out to be $152,000 per unit.


 Furthermore, The increased amount of demand for Investments has been insane. The Office Advisors are prepared for any of your investment needs. No matter how large or small your multifamily assets, we can help. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has a property for everyone. That is why we never turn away any type of investor. We are set up to help even the largest of lard. Or the first time small multifamily investor. Contact The Office Advisors to learn more about all the ways we can help you with your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.

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