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I’m searching around the world wide web to check out The Office Advisors for your land commercial real estate meet. And highly rated and Local Company. The Office Advisors are here to assist any business or investor with commercial real estate. The Atlanta area has been notoriously plagued by unscrupulous deals. However, we are changing how the industry is perceived. The Office Advisors have set out to be the highest rated Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company. Traditionally speaking the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate scene is not held in high regard. That is why you need to check out our Google reviews to see why we are changing how it is done.


 Furthermore, most businesses or investors that deal with Brokers or unsatisfied. When you work with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs satisfaction is guaranteed. Each broker and agent strives for excellence. This shows in each of their transactions. Ask their clients about how they are constantly looking for greater ways of doing things.


 Starting off you have to have a firm that understands what is happening around them. With mini local individuals, we have seen dirt turned in Atlanta. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is constantly turning and creating new products. However, The Office Advisors know of every project going on. At least we add a tip too. So in order to understand the grand scale of what is happening in the Atlanta commercial real estate market let’s look at a few industry sectors.


Overall Helth of the Market

 In order to look at the massive picture of what is Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, you need to look at the overall health. With jobs still better than many other states and cities. We have business and industry still churning. The sectors that have been hit hardest are seen as signs of life. However, we are not out of the woods yet. The Atlanta commercial real estate market sell mini gross as well as closings during last year. Fortunately, we are a strong City.


 Moreover, each industry type stands on its own. So some fared better than others. Especially when it comes to the needs and how their users of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space was affected. But a business cannot operate out of its location it is very hard for others like it to expand. Overall Atlanta Commercial Real Estate was moving along throughout the past year. This year doesn’t seem to be any different, and many are hoping for a boom.



starting off with the warehouse in the flex space sector. Large square footage has have been underway in construction. Even before the onset of the pandemic. However speculative warehouse space is still underway. A new location recently broke ground in Lawrenceville Georgia. Even if the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate markets have been on the rise. Especially when talking about the warehouse and Industrial sector.


 Furthermore, the onset of the e-commerce and need for distribution centers is no small factor. Lots of unforgotten industrial parks have been leasing out recently. In a sector that traditionally Salt Flat asking rents out of the past decades. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Warehouse vertical is ever-growing. There seem to be no signs of slowing down either.



 Last year saw a sharp decline in World Travel. Unfortunately, Atlanta was not immune to this either. Hoping to bounce back from last year. The hospitality sector of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is looking for a boat. With more in development Pipeline and then comparative cities. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate sector is looking to open more rooms. With over 4000 rooms scheduled to open in 2021 in the central business district Cobb Galleria as well as Buckhead markets.


 However, the revenue from the room this one is expected to bolster the development. With a dwindling tourist industry, the sector is hoping to rebound. very few transactions in the Hospitality sector occurred. This is most likely due to today’s high uncertainty of what was happening in the industry on a global scale. Fortunately, the Atlanta commercial real estate market is still driving ahead. The hospitality sector will bounce back at some point.



Over the past 12 months, office leasing in the Atlanta commercial real estate market has basically dried up. However, now there are some signs of life. Even though last year so if you are large square foot is Lisa signed. The overall transaction volume was extremely depressed. Fortunately, companies like Technicolor have sign large office leases in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area. Putting mini Brokers on edge. They are hoping that this is a revitalization sign. Especially when it comes to the central business district as well as the other submarkets. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has a strong pipeline of office square footage under construction. It is to be seen if these will increase rates flat in the mouth or how it’ll affect. Some people are betting on the fact that more square footage is going to be needed. 



Atlanta commercial real estate market has many Brokers that change spots. Lincoln recently hired two seasoned brokers. Looking to Market a mixed-use project in the Atlanta area. Hoping that their expertise and Specialty will be able to drive Leasing and traffic. Even with the pandemic mix-use development has been strong. Thankfully, this city was not shut down as hard as many other cities nationwide. Fortunately, these small businesses were able to get some type of inbound traffic.


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