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Now if you’ve ever tried to work with an Atlanta commercial real estate agent before, it might have been difficult. However The Office Advisors are different., work with the number one in Atlanta commercial real estate agents. We have the most reviews of any other brokerage. So if you’re looking to lease, buy or sell your commercial real estate. Look no further than the Office Advisors. A great way to get in contact with us is to visit our website. So while you’re searching around at the world wide web and visit If you do not like phone calls we have chat boxes. As well as forms to reach us. A broker will reach out to you as soon as possible.


 Furthermore, the Atlanta commercial real estate agent scene has been misunderstood. There are many great agents and brokers out there. However, traditionally lots of large Atlanta commercial real estate deals happen with bribes. There have been books and movies made about Atlanta commercial real estate agents. Fortunately, there is hope. The Office Advisors are out here to change the game. That is why we hire only the best of the best. So do not waste another minute to check this out.


 Who we hire

 looking for the best Atlanta commercial real estate agents is tough. However, The Office Advisors have a system in place. Only looking for top-notch individuals. We have teams dedicated to each industry vertical. So if you need something from the land to the leasing we are the right company for you. Don’t waste any more time with any of the other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages. And they just treat you like a number. Especially if you were a small investor or company.


 Hiring the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent starts with our interview process. They have to go through a rigorous interview process to be brought on board. Starting off with the initial interview. They are quizzed and tested to see if they’ll be a fit culturally for us. As well as a disc personality test is put in front of them. Making sure they have the right attributes in order to perform with customers and clients alike.

The Steps to come on board

 From there if they truck to an interview they are judged not only on the actions taken but as well as the answers they give. An l in a commercial real estate agent must dress and be professional at all times. Therefore is it expected all of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents are held to high standards. We do not have people in t-shirts or shorts showing the property. Making our customers and clients feel special. The professionalism of all of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents is above & beyond.


After they make it past round 1 and want to come on board then the real trial by fire begins. Starting off with an onboarding process that takes them through our systems and processes. Traditionally speaking in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate World a broker has left his own devices. However, at The Office Advisors, they are constantly trained on how to make a more efficient system for their client. Transparency and communication are the primary goals.

Productivity is one of our pillars that our company is built on. The broker must be able to perform in high-stress environments as well as produce deals and leads. An agent cannot rest on their laurels after a single deal is done. Constant deal flow and production are expected from over Atlanta commercial real estate agents. This makes sure that they are abreast of all situations and current market conditions.

The Benefit to you

 Having an Atlanta commercial real estate agent that knows the ins and outs of each market as well as the class of commercial use. Puts you at an advantage. This is because we know what is happening and have the data to back it up. From a negotiation standpoint, you have the best on your side. The Office Advisors is changing how women commercial real estate is interacted with. Starting at The Brokerage in the ending with the user. Waste no more time on the competition.


 Our history

The Office Advisors was founded in order to create a better brokerage. When you work with us you will get a better broker as well as a better experience. That is guaranteed. Traditionally speaking the old ways are out. A broker has to cut his teeth for years and years without seeing any income. However, the fast-paced environment we live in is changing that. With the use of Technology, our Brokers are able to Pivot and create deals faster than ever before. So our Founders set out to create a better system.


 From the onset, we wanted to make sure the customer experience was a five-star experience. That’s why each broker is focused on customer satisfaction. You never have to worry if you are Atlanta commercial real estate agent who is working for you. That is why so many customers and clients like you give us High reviews.


 Using a system instead of throwing darts at a board as other Brokers do. The Office Advisorshave changed Outlander commercial real estate agents’ interaction.


 A good read

 check out this article about other Atlanta commercial real estate agents to learn if it can affect your business as well. If you have any questions we are standing by.

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The Office Advisors website is the easiest way to reach us. We make it extremely simple with a variety of ways to let us know you need help. To waste no more time and visit our website today. Or give us a call and one of our Brokers will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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The Office Advisors are affiliated with select Realty in Georgia. A trusted name in Marietta and Metro Atlanta residential real estate for years.