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 trying to find the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job can be difficult. However, it does not have to be. Especially if you were working with The Office Advisors. Let me ask you a question. What is the first thing that you do when you are looking to buy a new product or service? I’m sure without hesitation that the first thing you do is Google it. Fortunately, many products and services now have reviews from customers and clients. Unfortunately, though that is not the case when it comes to Atlanta commercial real estate agents.


 However, you are in luck. The Office Advisors is one of the few Atlanta commercial real estate agencies that have customer reviews. We focus on this so strongly to show the community we are for real. But we want to change the reception of the traditional Atlanta commercial real estate agent. However, it is not an easy task. Traditionally speaking most agents working in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate field have a negative connotation.


 This is a new do fact to their own, or maybe it is. Historically there have been bad deals and bribes going on. Lots of under-the-money table dealings. However, this is changing. Of the official advisor to set out to put transparency first. One of our many founding principles. So if you and need help with any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset look no further.


 What services do we offer?

 Starting, we were founded as a tenant rep agency. Helping businesses large infant small find the right space for them. We would help medical professionals, salons, and general office users. Even industrial warehouse space users. No matter what the case The Office Advisors helps a company find the right location for them. The old staying in real estate is location, location, location. However, that is not all that goes into a lease. When selecting the right location for you it is important to take in many factors


 Fortunately, many companies have hired The Office Advisors to help them. We have a team of Atlanta commercial real estate agents that understand the process of lease negotiation. From Step 1 of assessing your needs, 2 Step 2 of locating the sights. Your Atlanta commercial real estate agent is there to protect you.


 Secondly, asset acquisition is something we are strong in. There are many different types of investors in the Georgia Market. Especially when dealing with the metro Atlanta markets in some markets. Fortunately, the offset visors are experts when it comes to investing. So do not have just your run-of-the-mill Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Higher one of the best.


 Going forward it doesn’t matter what your asset classes. Multifamily is one of the hottest investment assets right now. We have a team of Atlanta commercial real estate agents who focus on the multifamily aspect. Going forward we must know that every transaction is about the client. We will never force or steer you to spend your money in a certain direction.


 Industrials another strong investment type as well as triple net leases. Does not matter how much money you have in your pocket we can find the right investment for you. We not only have lending sources available but our Atlanta commercial real estate agents will help coach you. There is a long process that happens when trying to invest in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets. Let us do the hard work for you


 Business brokerages as well as a service that we offer to our clients. If you have a business no matter how large or saw small and wanting to get out of it we can help. The listing processing evaluation may take some time however we are expert individuals. To continue the task at hand, you must hire someone who understands your needs.


 Property Management in listing

 subsequently, if you are a property owner or landlord looking to lease or manage property we can help. Our Atlanta commercial real estate agents can manage your property. Also if you were looking to lease it we can create a process for that. We want to Market your property to get the highest return possible.


 A good read

  staying on top of other Atlanta commercial real estate agents as what we do. Check out this article to learn more about transactions and other happenings. The Metro Atlanta area has many different companies to choose from. We suggest that you always have representation even if you do not work with us.


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 the office advisers website is quick and simple to use. You can fill it one of the forms on her website. From there, an Advisor will reach out to you promptly. We want to act quickly to assess your needs as fast as possible. We understand that time is money so our Brokers move quickly.

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 The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of HSH brand. A select Realty of Georgia company. All of our Brokers hiding their license on the select Realty family.