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Locating does not have to be hard

 Trying to find the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent isn’t difficult. Especially when you work with The Office Advisors. Instead of wasting your day searching Around the World Wide Web visit our website. Located at We have a team of professionals waiting to help you. Also, there are Google reviews so you can rest assured that we are the right choice for you. However, it is important to make sure that your Atlanta commercial real estate agent understands your needs. That is why we start off by doing a full assessment of your wants and needs.


 Furthermore, it takes a special type of person to get the job done. That is why The Office Advisors only hires the best. If you’re looking for a better understanding of the market and then work with us. We have the right team behind you. Therefore, it makes good business sense to work with a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Our reviews speak for themselves. Moreover, it is the way we act and go through the process that sets us apart. I’m like her competition we really care about you.


 Unlike the larger firms, we love helping small businesses. We do this because we are small businesses. None like our competition we care about each and every transaction. That is why you will have a better understanding of what’s going on with us. We will not spend $1 of your money that is not necessary. We treat every transaction as if it is all right. Therefore, we are personally involved in every aspect of the deal. If you want a change of Atlanta commercial real estate agent contact us today.


 About our team

 now, our team is different than most. Especially when dealing with an Atlanta commercial real estate agent team. The offset by 0 sets us apart through many different aspects. Not only is our marketing better than everyone else, but our team is as well. The individuals hired are brought on because of their attitude and attitude. Wanting to make sure that we only hire individuals that have a service mindset. As well as an understanding of the commercial real estate market. So let’s get to meet some of them.


Founder and Owner

 Starting off, is our founder, Reid.  read is the brainchild and founder of The Office Advisors. Therefore, this is his baby. If you go back in his past you will see that he is built two teams before in different industries from personal training to residential real estate. Making him unique in the fact that he only wants to create a team environment in order to get the job done. Not just like a greedy Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Furthermore, he saw that there were needed to be a change not only for the clientele but the agents as well.


 Moreover, seeing this change made him act. Therefore, our marketing is done better than our competitors as well as how we treat them. Wanting to make sure our clients and customers are taken care of from the start. There’s an expectation set up as well as a formal questionnaire. The Office Advisors words to make sure that we understand your goals and needs. The intersection of where wants and needs come together is what we try to accomplish. As we all know there’s no such thing as a perfect property or a perfect price. Therefore, it is imperative to have a Morgan understanding of any good Atlanta commercial real estate agent on your side. Sourcing the right property for your needs is what is important. Reid  Has created a system in a team of well-rounded Atlanta commercial real estate agents. Make sure that customers are first and we do everything in our power to negotiate on your behalf.


Our VP Tim

 Secondly is Tim Husted on our team. He is Vice President of commercial operations here at The Office Advisors. Not just your typical Atlanta commercial real estate agent but one who really strives for excellence. Delete to work on large deals but helps clientele from a small dental practice to a large developer. Therefore, you can rest assured that he has your best interests in mind. His understanding is growing faster every day and he knows how to get the job done. Like a bulldog, he never backs down from a negotiation.


 Furthermore, Tim is just a fun enjoyable to be around. He plays drums as well as into his 4Runner. Tim loves his cats and his wife Rachel. He’s a great person to work with and has a law degree so his understanding and contracts help in all aspects. If you want a harder’s Atlanta commercial real estate agent and then you should contact us today. Tim is perfect for you if you want the job done quickly.


Newer Agent

 Another great member of our team is Wren Fisher.  no just say a new licensed Atlanta commercial real estate agent rent has a degree in real estate. Therefore he understands the technical side as well as the sale sign. However, red is Young and still learning. But he is extremely motivated and very reliable. A great Georgia native to have on your side. Trying to be a standout Atlanta commercial real estate agent misses the goal. You’re looking for Investments or leasing he can help. Don’t just hire any Atlanta commercial real estate agent to work with us.


Recent Hire

 Lastly, is Neda Gayle. Neda is an experienced salesperson as well as a real estate individual. Not just a typical lady commercial real estate agent and a that has a diverse background in sales and development. She can get the job done from Land assemblage to finding the right property for your business. Neda is an experienced individual that can get your needs met and surpass at every step of the process. Therefore, just makes good business sense to try to hire data she will take care of you at every step. Being the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent is a hurt go. Not wanting to just do small ticky-tacky things she looks at the big picture. So if you want someone who is a hustler and salesperson contact us today.


Contact us

 here at The Office Advisors, we try to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. That is why we have a Litany of options on her website. However, there is always a good old-fashioned telephone to reach it. If you need help with any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate we have an agent for you. Whether you were looking for a new investment or to expand your portfolio of The Office Advisors is here. We help businesses as well locate and go she ate it on their next office lease. Whether you are a retail, a high-rise, or an Industrial Park. You don’t hesitate to begin the attorney today. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent to stand by.


 A good read

 That we should all take time out of our busy day to understand what is happening. Not just about Malena commercial real estate agent with business as well. There are many economic factors that affect different Industries. Therefore we think it is important to save breast 2 days. If you have a moment take a quick look at this article.

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 other companies

 now, The Office Advisors have a different feature to it. We can help them ground-up development to finding your dream home. We are associated with 9 other companies under our umbrella. Therefore, we have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent or residential one for you. If you’re looking to build the develop Georgia company is here to help you as well. Contact one of our organizations today.