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Don’t have to look far and wide for a Realtor

Fortunately, you don’t have to search foreign wide for the right Atlantic commercial real estate agent for the job. Here at The Office Advisors, we have a team of professionals that can assist you in all of your CRE needs. Therefore, you should not waste all your time searching around the worldwide Web. Let us take the burden of real estate off your shoulders. Contact The Office Advisors today.


Now if you have never worked with an Atlanta commercial real estate agent before then you’re in luck. We strive to take the process and make it easier. We have a customer service mindset. Therefore, if you work with us or one of our agents you’re taking care of period satisfaction is guaranteed. Unlike our competition which streets you is just another number in their system. Don’t work with the large guys work with The Office Advisors.


Us verse them

 Competitors are many in our industry. However, there are only a few larger-than-life companies. That is why The Office Advisors stands out amongst the giants. We are we have created a system to make it efficient and transparent. Making sure that you understand the entire process from the beginning to closing that period is that period if you are leasing off a space the same thing as. Not just helping large organizations but small businesses alike.



 If you are interviewing other companies you need to be aware of what they charge. Some of our competitors have a fee minimum. If they are helping you locate and negotiate on space for your accompany delete. Then, many times they have a base requirement of what they will make. Unlike our competitors of The Office Advisors is different. We do not have a fee minimum. Generally speaking, the large commercial real estate companies only work with larger companies. We think this is a disservice to the small businesses Is of America.


Furthermore, The Office Advisors in our team do not charge. Especially if you are leasing at some type of space for your company. It is expected that the landlord pays the fees in Georgia. Therefore, we do not look for compensation from you the client, and the tenant as well. The ill the larger competitors have much more overhead than we do. Therefore we are able to be nimble and agile at the turn of a hat. As well as we do not have the same cost of doing business as now. Even though it takes the same amount of man-hours to do the same job. If you are looking for a is for a small business helpful hand. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent is here.


 How do we list property?

 Now, you might not be in the now about a dirty little secret. Typically, and, in the Atlanta commercial real estate filled agents do something a little bit unscrupulous. If they are contracted by you to list the property for sale They may not be doing their entire job. What typically happens is that broker or agent would like the entire commission agreed upon. Is meaning that they will try to do the entire deal themselves they want to find the buyer as well. However, it’s well. However, this can come into the service to you that sometimes. Especially if you are looking to sail your property quickly and efficiently.


Is furthermore in, they might have even received offers without telling you. A story that we know of goes a little something like this period one Atlanta commercial real estate agent listed a medical office building for sale. Otherwise known as a MOB. This building was listed for 7 million dollars. The owner was wanting to sell it quickly as he was trying to purchase another asset with the income period from there the listing agent is a listing agent started receiving offers. However, he was wanting the entire commission to himself. Meaning these offers came from a represented buyer. So what he told the agent that was presenting the offer as they were already under contract. This is one illegal and 2A disservice to his client.


So if you want a transparent and efficient brokerage contact The Office Advisors. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job. Never hoarding their listings or trying to double in the deal. We are efficient and low is an efficient and love making sure our clients are satisfied and feel they got a great deal. There is no need to waste time trying to do the deal internally. However, we do that period we will never turn down offers but present everything to you the owner. This goes for leasing as well as investment sales.


Furthermore, we employ you to read our Google reviews. On there you will find genuine reviews from customers and clients alike. Easily saying that The Office Advisors and our team are highly regarded. We are efficient in and bring the energy. Therefore, you should look no further than here for the right Atlanta commercial real estate Asian for the job.


A good read

 Try taking some time out of your busy schedule to read this article. We lit’s the gold. We like putting industry topics out there for our customer base. That way it might resonate with them in their industry. Fortunately, The Office Advisors is able to work with a litany of industry types. We love helping every type of company there is. So we think it is important for everyone to be able to understand that the economic factors that affect not only real estate but their industry as well. This is a short read and if you have time we suggest You take a look at it.


Contact us

 Now we try to make it simple for you to reach the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent. That is why on our website we have different options for you. There is a live chat Box. As well as forms on a few of our web pages. You don’t have to search the world wide Web long and hard to find the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Goes straight to the office adviser’s website to begin your journey. We have an agent standing by for your needs. We can only help you if we know who you are and know your needs. Contact or call us today.

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 Fortunately, the office advisor has partnered with different companies. That way we can help you with all of your real estate needs no matter if you are looking to buy multi-Is family assets, lease office space, or builder dream home. The Office Advisors and our team of companies are able to assist you in every real estate need. Therefore there’s no time like today to contact us.