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Now, will you searching around the world wide Web check out The Office Advisors. com. We have the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent. The right one for you! Standing out of over competition is what we do. You have many choices when it comes to picking an Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs. We hope you choose the right 1. Easily discernible is The Office Advisors. Our team strives to be the best in our industry. So what this means is we focus on customer service, and understanding the market


Furthermore, every Atlanta commercial real estate agent is not created equal. However, you are great hands when working with us. Each individual on our team is a licensed professional. Held to the highest standards in real estate. Then you might be asking yourself what is for you bet your service? Well, let me tell you. Our services come at no out-of-pocket costs to you.


Who Pays?

Other services if you are the owner of real property then a commission is expected. Traditionally speaking in Atlanta commercial real estate in the owner or landlord of the property pays commissions to agents. However, if you were a buyer, or tenant you are most likely paying $0 in commission. That’s right out of your pocket nothing is being paid to the agent or broker.


Leasing options for businesses

 How many small businesses are not aware that you can lease space. They had the understanding that you have to own your piece of real estate. Fortunately for you, this is not the case. Leasing an office or warehouse space or even retail can be much cheaper. Especially if you are a new business in you don’t know how long you’ll be active. Or even if you have the cash flow to purchase an asset.


On your Own

Try to find the right location for you can be daunting. Especially when you start dealing with a landlord broker on your own. Say that you were grossing around town and drove by what you thought was the perfect location. Now you might have seen the sign in the window or out from. So what do you do? You call that agent up and see if they have space available. You are lucky they even call you back.


The best-case scenario is they give you a call back promptly they are probably route. A little record gets many calls from lucky lips. However, if you are serious business typically they expect a call for a brokered. Fortunately when you work with the advisor’s our reputation precedes S. Most landlord realtors will return our calls quickly any officially.


However, let’s still picture that you were trying to get in touch with this individual. After some calls may be toeing the space you ask about leasing. You then try to do to some to go Sheehan’s on yours. Thinking that you got a great deal you sign a lease. In the look at that, you are now in a 5 to 10-year commitment. Not understanding all the smaller nuances that go with the deal. Can be financially devastating for a business.

The legality of a Lease

Understanding that a lease is a legal document. Your Atlanta commercial real estate agent is there to guide to. We are not attorneys however we spend many hours looking at least it. Our job is to provide you with his much information as possible. As well as our industry knowledge to get the best deal for you. The decision ultimately lies upon the owner of the company. However, The Office Advisors will use our expertise to protect you through every step of the transaction.


Subsequently, the legal ramifications of a lease can be scary.  You are legally bound to pay the agreed-upon amount for the entirety of the deal. This can mean is that if you fail in year one of a business and have signed a 10-year lease.  Then you are obligated to pay the balance of that lease. The landlord is going to be expecting a check or monthly instalments for 10 years. Now if you a new business and you fail. Now there is no cash flow how are you going to support this? Many startups have put in their capital.  Even when that company fails then they have no more cash. So if you don’t to be in a tighter pinch impossible to go bankrupt over a lease situation. You must hire representation.


Having proper representation from Atlanta commercial real estate agent can save you a lot of money. Especially if you are trying to lease a space. Traditionally speaking the Atlanta commercial real estate agent is not paid by you if you are a tenant. Therefore it just makes good business sense to have someone looking out for your needs. Even if it’s not coming directly out of your pocket. The landlord has an Atlanta commercial real estate agent on his side so why shouldn’t you have representation as well? The Office Advisors loves helping our clients large and small. No matter what your individual needs Are we can assist.


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