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Trying to understand the insane process of Atlanta commercial real estate can be difficult. That is why having the right agent on your side is imperative to your success. We at The Office Advisors understand the importance of customer service and satisfaction. While searching around the worldwide Web for the next agent for you do not be alarmed. It may seem overwhelming at 1st when you can even find a brokerage or understand what your needs are. That is where The Office Advisors come in period start at our website at


Once you come to our homepage it is easy to see that we care about customer service and satisfaction. Wanting to get to you in a timely manner is what we provide. Generally speaking, this is not the case with most other brokers. The commercial real estate industry is one of the largest industries in the entire world. However, this typically means that is slow to change. The Office Advisors has set out to be the force behind a turning tide.


Now some of the words on most brokerages’ websites do not even explain what they do. You might be coming across certain terms like tenant representation. Or asset allocation. What tenant representation means is that an Atlanta commercial real estate agent will go to bad for you when trying to find a space to lease for your business.


Having an industry professional on your side that understands the ends and outs of the market will save you time and money. When working with The Office Advisors we can assure you that customer satisfaction is what we strive to accomplish. Is no other Atlanta commercial real estate company or agent is created equal? The Office Advisors is changing how this industry is perceived and systematized. When you work with us satisfaction is guaranteed.

Tenant Representation Experts

Having a professional tenant representative on your side cuts down in your headaches. It also frees you up to do what you do best. That is run your business!. What you want to do is focus on your business and not spend all day scouring the Internet or driving around. A location is imperative to your success in many low industries. Industry Experience from our Atlanta commercial real estate agent is what will save you the most. Understanding the market as well as negotiation tactics. The market has been changing monthly in yearly in the Atlanta area.


Is our team of industry experts will go to bat for you at every corner. When dealing with leasing a space for your business the time is of the essence. It is a lot of hurry up and waits. Fortunately, the office advisors have a system and process to cut down on Is time and inefficiencies.


Is generally, we tell most of our clients that you cannot move into space within a month. This may come as a shock to many individuals and businesses however it is typically the case that it is a 6 month or more process.  

Time is of the essence

Furthermore, if you are looking to expand or move locations once your lease expires time is of the essence. Do not wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to begin your search. Locating the right space is difficult in itself. However, coming in at or under budget is a challenge. Many businesses and individuals alike won’t prime real estate. However, their budget does not match. Having an aligned vision and budget is what also equals success. Add


If you go into this scenario of looking for a location with this mindset it’ll be easier and less stressful. We want to understand your needs and attack them in a timely indefinite manner. When working with one of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents you will see that this is 1st and foremost with us. We always have a sense of urgency. However, understanding the lead time on locating and ultimately moving into your location helps.


Hiring the right one

 It may seem like an arduous task to look for the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you. There are many different brokerages and real estate firms around the Atlanta metro area. However, they are not all created equal. Especially if you are looking to lease space or purchase an existing investment asset. When dealing with commercial real estate you must have a commercial real estate agent. Not to talk bad about residential agents but they really do not belong in the commercial areally do not belong in the commercial arena.


If buying and selling a house is not the same process as leasing a space or purchasing an investment property. You must have an individual who understands the finance and numbers of a deal. As well as negotiation tactics. Most residential agents are soccer moms or retired professionals that do not understand the industry. They think it is simple as touring and making it offer. However, this is not the case.


Working with the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you is what sets you up for success. All of our individuals are licensed in the state of Georgia and are constantly doing education to better understand themselves and the market. So it just makes good business sense to have a professional on your side. Besides freeing up your time it’ll save you headaches and money along the way.


A good read

 As previously stated not all Atlanta commercial real estate agents are created equal. That is why hiring the right agent for you in the Atlanta commercial real estate arena is great. However, there are many great ones out there. We want to celebrate industry professionals and deals happening around. If you have time read this article to stay abreast of what is happening around the RA area.


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 Trying to make it as simple as possible for you to reach the right agent for you in commercial real estate. When checking out our website they’re a multitude of ways to contact us. Try the live chat button or one of the forms on the website. We want to talk to you in a timely manner. Therefore we allow you to set up a time when one of our certified Atlanta commercial real estate advisers and agents can reach you. There’s no time like today so begin your journey.

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 The  Office advisers proudly hang their license under the HSH brands of real estate companies. We can help you with the right agent for any of your Atlanta commercial or residential needs. Also if you were looking for development and investment we have a team for you as well. There is no time like to die to begin your real estate journey and contact one of our companies today.