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 trying to find a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent represent you can be difficult. Especially since the industry’s had a black eye for years. Traditionally speaking the Atlanta commercial real estate agent was seeing someone who did backdoor deals and bribes. However, this is no longer the case. The Office Advisors stand out among all the other rooms. If you’ve never worked with us before then you’re in luck. We always suggest while searching Around the World Wide Web to get her website. Also, check out our Google reviews from customers and clients. They are unbiased and all genuine.


 Now, The Office Advisors are a very different type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company. We are founding on technology and transparency. We want to face the customer first and t Treat our clients better. so if you never had a bad experience with real estate before good for you. However, this is not the case for many individuals. Especially when dealing with the Atlanta commercial real estate agents. Real estate agents in general do not have the best reputation. Is because there are low barriers to entry. However, that is not the case when you working with The Office Advisors we only hire the best.


 We’re great because of the people we have

 It starts with our hiring process. Step One is we glean through the thousands of applicants we were safe. They’re invited to a first-round interview. This interview typically lasts an hour. So you would not believe how many individuals say they’re showing up for a job interview that never comes. It is one of the craziest things we’ve ever experienced. That is why we do a group interview. However, the group interviews are not necessarily known. Especially the end of the initial Outreach. we do this to be as efficient as possible. If the founder it’s in charge of interviewing schedule an hour for each applicant, and that would be a waste of time. Think about scheduling 9 hours a week just to interview individuals.


 So that is why we do a group interview. For efficiency and knows well to see L diesel in commercial real estate agents interacted a team. If you’re not willing to step out in front of a group then why would you be willing to do something on your own? A group interview doesn’t mean We’re doing a cattle call. individuals that are willing to put themselves out in front of a group as well as a team if I heard it. It’s one of the major things that were looking for. Is hard to find a Great Atlanta commercial real estate agent who can work well in a team environment.


 second step

the second step is shadowing in 101. The follower found her around for a few hours one day and see if they like each other and get along. If they do then they are brought on board for training. Was the training begins they are expected to produce You chilling in a commercial real estate agent is only as good as many deals that they’ve done.?


  Furthermore, having experienced in deals is what helps you Propel. We want to make sure our clients are taken care of. Especially when we are proud Atlanta commercial real estate agents. Trying to grow a company and sell customer service in the commercial real estate realm is unheard of. So we must understand what we’re doing at every turn to provide a great service.


lastly in the hiring

 Thirdly the stabbed in our interviewing and hiring process is the final one. They must produce and see if they are a great fit. Atlanta commercial real estate agents are held to a high standard at the office at visors. That is why we only want a player. Having a team of C-  And b players will only make our company worse.


 I want to stand out amongst all the other Atlanta commercial real estate agents. The Office Advisors try to be number one no it’s not due to Greed, but wanting to provide the best service. So if you want the best in customer service contact The Office Advisors today. We are number one in reviews for Atlanta commercial real estate agents for a reason. Standing out amongst the competition. Old brokerages are boring and slow. That is why you should work with the opposite visors for Speed and Agility. We are Young hungry ready to serve.


 Good read

 is important to stay abreast of what is happening around Atlanta. We suggest if you’re interested in hiring or the at all in careers check out what other Atlanta commercial real estate agents are doing. You can read this article here to stay abreast of topics and Industry specifics.


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 and we try to make it as easy as possible for you to reach us. Furthermore, The Office Advisors have a multitude of contact methods. Starting is our website. On our website, there are three ways to reach us. One of them is the live chatbox. One of our Brokers will reach out to you after paint. We tried to respond as quickly as possible. However, you must understand that we are all working during the day and are potential with clients. 


Secondly, another way to reach one of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents is to fill out the form on the homepage of the website. Also, you can fill out the small form on the contact us page.  Subsequently, one of our advisors will reach out to you in your designated time slot.


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 no matter what your real estate needs are we are here to help. A proud member of the select Realty of Georgia family.