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 Now if you have tried to find an Atlanta commercial real estate agent on your own then it might be difficult. Trying to find a good agent for us to hires difficult as well. Therefore, trying to find the right one to work with your needs may pose a problem. So while you’re searching around the worldwide Web gushed straight to our website. This is the easiest way to get in contact with us. If you’re looking for a different broker begin with us.  The Office Advisors has changed how Atlanta commercial real estate is done. Therefore the agent that you hire should exceed your expectations.


Secondly, you might be wondering what makes us different. Aren’t all Atlanta commercial real estate ages the same? Now, most are. When you get down to the granular level and experience they give. However, if you hire an agent from The Office Advisors this is different. Oliver Atlanta commercial real estate individuals focus on this industry. Therefore, they do not have cross-over in any realm.


When working with a traditionally residential broker shop you run into some issues. Such as Keller Williams or Caldwell banker. These individuals might focus on commercial real estate. However, their presence does not give you the right exposure. If you work with The Office Advisors things are different. Therefore, you should hire an agent for your Atlanta commercial real estate needs. No other place is easier to get in touch with their agents.


What sets us apart

 Trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace may be difficult. However, The Office Advisors dares to think differently. 1st, check out our Google reviews. This is where we showcase ourselves. We want to let the consumer know that we strive for customer excellence. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Do not hire just any Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your job. We have the best and most dedicated team. If you’re one in customer satisfaction and transparency we’re the shop for you. No other firm focuses on Customer service as we do.


Furthermore, we work as a team. Here at The Office Advisors we actually communicate. Unlike our competition. When our founders worked at 1 of the large shops in Atlanta things were different. They were frustrated constantly by the lack of communication. Give communication. Not every Atlanta commercial real estate agent acts accordingly. Our individuals communicate to get deals done more efficiently. Therefore if you are trying to get a job done quickly and efficiently we’re the team for you. High on communication and transparency. TThe Office Advisors understands the needs of our clients. We are a small business just like you.


Moreover, competition has a litany of bodies in the office. They want as many individuals with licenses working inside their brokerage firm. However, that is not the case with the Office Advisors. We won’t only the best. We hire slow and fire quick. If you do not perform you will not succeed The Office Advisors team loves our clients. You can see this through every transaction.


So if you want transparency and communication on your side then hire us. We are not just your typical Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Our team is not greedy and focuses on you the client and your needs. There is never an obligation to buy our lease when working with us.

Don’t hire the big guys

Consequently, when you work with a larger firm they typically have a fee minimum. That is not the case when working with us. The Office Advisors team of licensed individuals helps companies large and small. Even if you are a small mom-and-pop operation. We will do what it takes to get the job done.


Furthermore, intercommunication within the company is key. We have weekly meetings where we try to play matchmaker. Matchmakers where we take tenants looking for space and landlords we represent and try to pair them up. This of course is based on needs location and wants. However, not every shop does this period so if you want your needs met quicker inefficiently contact us now.


More eyes on your property

 Understandably if you’re a landlord trying to lease or sell a building time is of the essence. There is cash flow or a lump sum that you were warning to acquire. So, why not hire a company that is pushing the force forward when it comes to marketing. The Office Advisors utilizes technology to do this period we saw a massive gap in the industry. The marketing efforts were few and far between. Unless it was a class building where the landlord was fronting the bill.


If fortunately, if you hire us to market your property things are different. We will pair you with the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your property. Utilizing our team and unique marketing approach. Efficiency and more eyeballs to get the job done. Is each Atlanta commercial real estate agent on our team follow a checklist of marketing protocol? Therefore consistency and understandability are keeping.


Now, if you’re not familiar with some of these terms that is OK. Many individuals are not and it may have no forbearance on your individual property. However, a is important to know this is how we do things. Search engine optimization or SEO as it is known is one of our focuses. What this does is keyword individual properties as well as articles to the Internet.

When individuals are searching for your property or light property or light properties they will be directed here. Running ads that follow them around the Internet as well. So if you’re looking for a change and unique marketing we are the shop for you. The Office Advisors has the rights to Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you.


Other things we saw Gavin besides the general team approach in marketing was the photography. Using nice cameras or professional photography is what we’ve utilized as well. The 3-D virtual tours and offering memorandums are unique. You’d like your property to stand out higher us. No other firm markets the way we do. Selling property quicker and more efficiently than anyone else. The Office Advisors is changing the game. So do not hire just any Atlanta commercial real state agent for the job. Contact us


Is hiring process

The Office Advisors did not hire just as warm bodies. Scouring the industry for only the best professionals. We want to have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent mindset. A service and market focus. What this means is that we won’t someone who is focused on you the client. As well as constantly trying to understand the market and going on. Therefore this helps you in negotiations and speed. Furthermore, our team will go to bat for you at every step of the transaction If. We have your interest in the mind of a.


A good read

 Lastly, we think it is important to stay abreast of top experience especially when it is dealing with any type of Atlanta commercial real estate agent coma development or news. Therefore, we share articles celebrating our industry. If you have time throughout your busy day check this article out. It is a quick read and will keep you up-to-date on news. Might even be a great topic of conversation.


Contact us

 Now, our team tries to make it as simple as possible to reach us. There is a litany of opportunities for you to begin the conversation. Therefore, on our website, we have 4 options. One of them is the old-fashioned telephone. If you’re not scared to talk to a person give us a ring. However, most individuals like spilling out of form on the Internet now. So we have 2 forms on our website. We let you schedule a time for a conversation that works with your schedule.

Also, there’s a live chat Box. This will put you in contact directly with 1 of our top Atlanta commercial real estate agents. However, they are typically in the field. So We will try to reach you on the live chat Box ASAP. If you do not have time to wait around you can always leave your contact information period from there one of our tea members We’ll reach out to you.

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 The Office Advisors and our team of licensed professionals hang our certifications under the HSH brand. A trusted company for all relocation needs in the metro Atlanta area. Therefore, if you have residential or commercial needs we have an agent for you. Not just dealing in commercial real estate but residential as well. The Office Advisors can help with development all the way to moving into a home. So do not hesitate for any of your real estate needs. Give us a call today Period