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Our Group does things differently

Now there are a few things that make The Office Advisors different. One of them is our team approach. When you work with 1 of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents you will see that we are different from the start. Working together in unison as a team to get the job done efficiently. Making sure that you the customer recline are his taken care of period your needs are met and satisfaction is apparent. Therefore, not any agent can work with thus. Only the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent applies.


Traditionally the commercial brokerage is very competitive. Now not saying we are not. However, we do not stand on islands alone. Working together as a team to make sure the job gets done. Therefore communication is key to success. Having us on your side can ensure a smooth transition.

Fortunately, each Atlanta commercial real estate agent on our team is unique. Therefore, each strength and weakness of everyone plays well together. Therefore, we’re able to get the job done quicker and for a better price. You do not believe that we work great together just check out our Google reviews period from customers and clients just like you they are left there to let the world know how we have done.


The agents and brokers

 Our team is comprised of a litany of individuals. Each standing out on their own. However, together we are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a new way to deal with Atlanta commercial real estate and the agent we are the one for you.


A little about our agents.

 Starting off as Tim Huston. Tim comes from the northeast and is an extremely intelligent individual. When going to college he decided to become a lawyer 1st period however, after a year of law school he realized this was not the correct path for him. After taking a class in real estate he realized that this might be his new career path. Tim taking a leap of faith jumped into the commercial real estate world. His 1st brokerage will be worked for was a letdown.

Tim’s Background

However, since working with The Office Advisors he has thrived. Tim’s family is in the medical field. Growing up with doctors and kinesiologists he’s able to navigate the complexities of medical terminology. If also he understands what is needed in medical practice. Therefore Tim is a great asset to any type of medical field. He has helped dis dentist as well as surgeons. So it does no matter what type of medical space you are looking for Tim is a great Is asset 2-hour team.


Furthermore, he is a number cruncher. He loves analytics and data. Therefore analyzing an asset is another strong suit of his. Focusing not only on medical but multifamily as well. Tim can soar steals that no one else can. So if you’re looking for an off-market property and a team to analyze it for your investment portfolio. We have the right individuals for you. Not just any Atlanta commercial real Saint agent the right 1.

A Great Player

Gen Hudson is another phenomenal member of our team. Jin comes from a background and the private equity field. Working for portfolio buyers she understands the value of a property. Able to utilize her quick thinking as well as prowess gins a great formidable opponent. Usually, individuals are trying to throw numbers at her and values on broccoli. For instance, Jen can turn that property into the Is the real number value. Understanding that investors bid the truth. She is a phenomenal analyst as well as an agent. So no matter what type of asset you’re looking for Jim can analyze it and break it down to a true value.


Is furthermore, she is able to assist businesses looking to least space. She helps a litany of companies find and negotiate their next location. She can help just about any type of company. So no matter if you’re a new shoe store or a large office user. Jim can help you and the tenant representation arena. Not just any agent the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job.


Thirdly we have Wren Fisher. Wren is a great worker. Not only is he able to outshine the other Is Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Ren can be a brute on the phone. Making sure he can get any job done or source any property. Ring works harder than any other Atlanta commercial real estate agent. He can source land as well as be the right tenant representative. He focuses his energy he’s an unstoppable tsunami. So if you want someone that can fight for you harder rent is the man for you.


 Cam is another agent on our team. She is a feisty woman that is not scared of a challenge. Therefore she has experience in many different fields. If you want someone that can fight for you and is not afraid to get a great deal higher camp. With expertise in 6 Sigma as well as lead certified. Cam understands efficiency. Is wanting to make her process as efficient and fast as possible. Cam is the right individual to get a job done as well as finds you in a douchebag’s space. Clear highs. highs and driven are all part of her link.


A good read

 Always celebrating wins as well as staying on top of what is happening in our industry. The Office Advisors reads constantly. We want to understand the effects on business and not just Atlanta commercial real Esta the end of the  Agent. If you have some time in your busy day we suggest you read this article.


 Contact us

 Fortunately, we try to make it as simple as possible to reach our superior, therefore, all you have to do is go to our website. You don’t even have to talk to anybody at 1st period however, in order for us to help you we must have at least a phone call or face-to-face. We want to understand every pain point as well as a goal for your company or investment strategy. The Office Advisors will assist you to get the job done quickly and efficiently peris especially. 


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Umbrella Company

 We have a parent company that we all hang our license under. The officers are striving to do something different. Therefore, we hire differently and think differently. So if you are looking to change the game and need help with any of your Atlanta commercial real estate agent needs we’re here for you.