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 now many people do not realize all the tasks in Atlanta commercial real estate agent can accomplish. Especially when there are many different verticals we operate in. However, just because we can perform all tasks does not mean that they may be an expert in there. Fortunately for you, The Office Advisors has a team of experts. So no matter what your real estate needs are we can accomplish them for you. It is always important to have representation. So why you searching around the world wide web and check out our Google reviews. And then stack them against our nearest competitor.


 Easily, you will see that we’re standing out amongst them. We have Google reviews to show that we are better than our competition. Other Atlanta commercial real estate companies and their agents do not operate the same as us.  the office advisor set out to change how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is viewed as well as the individual agent works.


 Subsequently, there has been pushed back. However, the leaders of our team see the vision. As well as all of the Atlanta commercial real estate agents we have. So if you want the best of the best at work efficiently in together work with The Office Advisors


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 well while you’re around the world wide web go to our website on here like the services tab. As well as poke around our home page as well as our other caps. You can read about all the different services we offer.



 Starting we were initially a leasing-only company. Wanting to help businesses find and negotiate their next office space. This doesn’t matter if they were an industrial Warehouse or a Class A office user. We help everyone in their business find the right office for them. So this is called tenant representation services. Meaning the business leasing from the landlord is the tenant. We represent them to get them the best deal possible.


 additionally 99% of cases the landlord will have a broker on their side. That broker is looking out for the owner or landlord’s best interest. which means their job is to maximize the tenant.  They want to get the most rent out of the possible. This increases their Commission be red as well as their standing in the eye cell landlord. so that is why a tenant representative is important. We are there to protect a business interest. Wanting to make sure that the landlord is not maxing out your budget. we negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. The landlord has representation so it just makes good business sense for you too as well.


Listing services

 next, we will Market a building or a set for sale. Become a glorified marketing agency for your property. We want to make sure that as many users’ eyes are on the property. That is why our marketing is to leave eggs out from our competition. We do things that they never even thought of. Starting with the 3D virtual tours. As well as ads running on Google and Facebook I know you might be saying there’s no new thing about running an ad on Facebook. However, this is not the case when it comes to commercial real estate. Residential love running ads on Facebook. Traditionally as you’re not run for any type of commercial real estate asset we optimized each listing. that way is easily searchable as well as follows individuals around.


 Business  brokerage

 if you have a business for sale we can help with that as well. Business owners have a hard time finding someone else to purchase their company that they are trying to get out of it. Subsequently, they don’t even know how to Value it. Therefore The Office Advisors assist business owners cut the property. This is just one of the little-known facts about an Atlanta commercial real estate agent. The duties can vary.



 now if you’re an investor looking to build we’re the right place for you. Ranging from multi-family and single-family assets to medical office buildings we can do it all. The Office Advisors and our partners add to develop Georgia. Com.  that we focus on tertiary markets to maximize the value of a property. As well as expedient the time from purchase of land to zoning. So if you’re looking for a quick and efficient team The Office Advisors is right for you. 


 a good read

 is important to stay up on what an Atlanta commercial real estate agent is doing. That is why we are constantly reading articles and scouring the internet for other activities. We want to make sure that we have the best marriage counseling going after the best.  Check out this article to  Stay abreast of current topics.


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 trying to make it to simple as possible. Visit our website and we have multiple ways of reaching out to us. From live chat buttons to forms. As well as phone numbers and tracking. There’s little to no reason that you should choose anybody else. If you want to be the best Atlanta Commercial Real Estate  Agent on your side we are at.

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 no matter what your real estate needs are we have the company for you. From Develop Georgia to Sellect Realty and The Office Advisors. No matter what type of agent you need be it Atlanta Commercial residential. We can assist our companies.