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Where do I go to Begin?

 Starting off, if you never worked with an Atlanta commercial real estate agent before, then you are in luck. All you have to do is go straight to The Office Advisors website.  While I’m here you don’t have to search around the world wide web for your needs. Everything is laid out simply and easily. That is why we have some Specialties on our home page. Also, you can utilize the taskbar at the Top. If You click on one of the specialty buttons on her home page they will lead you in the direction.  not every transaction is the same. However, The Office Advisors tries to utilize efficiencies to make it predictable. Therefore, when you work with us there’s less confusion and more action.


 Now, if you’ve never had to hire an agent before it’s okay. The Office Advisors is here to assist you. We are a different breed of Atlanta commercial real estate agent. You lysing our resources and market knowledge to help you. Whether you are a small business looking to lease office space or a large-time investor. We had the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job. Do not hesitate to contact us today. We are standing by in order for us to help you.


 Whether or not you know what you need it’s okay. If you’re on our website you can poke around to find it out. However, we suggest you starting with the contact us tab so we can help you. From here one of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents will reach out to you. Assessing what your needs are and then putting the game plan together. You will see that we are different from the onset. Especially when it comes down to your initial assessment. Starting with the end in mind and then creating a path for you to get there. This is how we help all of our clientele find exactly what they need.


 Our Specialties of focus

 going back to the homepage click on the first button that gets your fancy. Some of these include Health Care, office and retail as well as an industrial warehouse. This is where we utilize leasing opportunities as well as management. If you are a company looking to lease space for your business this is where we shine. Especially when it comes to negotiations and sourcing property. Unfortunately, if you are a typical consumer you do not have access to all the available properties. Even if you were scouring the internet. Most of these are hidden behind a paywall. Such as the website Now, if you pay for subscription service as we do. Then we have access to the Litany of options out there. However, as a normal consumer, you’re only seeing roughly 20% of the listed properties.



Beginning with the medical space. a specialist in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is one of our agents. He understands what it takes to get a practice up and running. As well as helping the doctor free their time so they can focus on their patients. Medical space requires special knowledge of the needs and of the practitioners. As well as their clientele needs. That is why we have individuals who focus on medical space. Understanding what it takes to get the job done as well as the jargon.


 Furthermore understanding what is going to happen in the future is a goal. The Atlanta commercial real estate agent who helps you is here to serve today and tomorrow. So we want your practice to grow. That is putting you in a space that you can grow into or outgrow with other opportunities. We will help you analyze the property as well as the demographics to make sure it is the right fit for your practice. Do not hire just any Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Work with The Office Advisors to get the job done right. Furthermore, if you go to the medical space you can reach out to our medical specialist directly from here. There is a get started tab only on this page. Since it takes a specialist in this Real Estate Field.


Office and Retail

 secondly, let’s click on one of her Specialties labeled office and Retail. Now even those these are two completely different sectors we think they overlap in general terms. Our team helps structure your new location data streamlines your needs. This can be from the office layout into bullpens. As well as a retail space for efficiencies of shopping. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent to help you assess your needs and find the right location. Eating our customers through the decision-making processes is what we can do. Especially when it comes to negotiations as well. We always want to keep your wallet and interest in mind.


 No matter how large or small your company as we are here to help. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent the job is at The Office Advisors. The roadmap for the future is where we help you see the vision of not just today or tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you need a skyscraper or want to be in the trendy shopping center. The Office Advisors are teaming specialist can help find the right location for you. As well as not breaking the bank in order for you to exist. Guiding our customers through commercial property Trends as well as demographic outlooks can help set you up for a bountiful future.


 Industrial and warehouse space

 Now let’s go back and click on one of our 3rd Special see typed apps. This is called the industrial space. Many people caught Warehouse or manufacturing as well. However, it is generally wrapped up in the same type of zoning as well as structures. This can be anything from a small Distribution Center to a large manufacturing facility. There’s even Flex paste thrown in here which can be a distribution or something like a plumbing location. 


Furthermore, when it comes to Warehouse or industrial space efficiency. Especially when thinking about something as large as an Amazon distribution center. Or even a small Manufacturing Company. Maximizing your space and efficiency is where we can help. Making sure you have enough space as well as the correct location. The Office Advisors has the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job. Not just any licensed individual off the street. But one who understands what it takes to see the job through from beginning to end. Locating the correct facility while also understanding your access and requirements. The team here can get the job done and the most favorable purchase or lease options for your company.


 Contact us

Now doesn’t that make just good business sense for you to reach out to us? When having representation on your side can save you not only time but money as well. Smaller companies generally do not understand that our services exist. However, The Office Advisors in our team of agents are standing by. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your industry. Do not do this alone but go after it full force with the team behind you. Wasting no time but contact us today. Through our row home page and website, we have a Litany of options for you to choose from. That is why I can be done on your terms and your media. Call or contact me today.


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 no matter what your real estate need is weaknesses. From ground-up development to finding your dream home. Not just in the land commercial real estate agent but residential as well. Contact one of us today in order to begin your real estate journey.